Dear Atheist

The Atheist – Episode Eight

This episode is part of my podcast series DEAR ATHEIST… If you prefer, LISTEN NOW.


We were immediately flooded with light; indescribable brilliance. And I knew I was in the presence of God.

I was temporarily blinded by the light until my eyes adjusted to the brightness of it. Pretty soon, I could identify moving bodies and structures in the distance. The light gave way to unimaginable beauty; green fields, vast meadows with colourful flowers and fruitful trees. Then I saw all sorts of animals and beings, crawling, walking, and flying in the open skies.

This was not hell… This had to be Heaven! Was I in Heaven?

As I walked through the fields, some of the animals approached me. They were friendly and had kind eyes. I bent to stroke a lion cub, though slightly afraid of its vicious mother. The cub returned to play with his siblings, who were sucking on their mother’s breasts. She only gave me a passing glance, as I strolled along.

Turning around, Samuel was nowhere to be found. Okay, this was strange. I didn’t know where I was going, but I continued to journey forward, taking my time to enjoy the scenery. This was unbelievable!

In the distance, I heard the sound of children laughing. The voices drew closer…


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