Re-Runs: A Small World – Season Two (Three Weddings and a Funeral) Episode 12


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DISCLAIMER: Please note that this series contains some sexually explicit content, violence and offensive language.  It is not appropriate for children nor an immature and sensitive audience.


What did I ever do to deserve a woman like Mary…? I have been so blessed in my life, but she has been the greatest of God’s blessings to me. She’s beautiful, smart, lovable, kind, and so passionate about God. She’s been a gracious wife, a diligent mother, a faithful companion, and my best friend!

I have made so many mistakes that, without the grace of God, I know I would be a pitiful wreck right now. I have come to realise that no amount of money can add worth to a soul. No amount of pleasure can give you joy! God used Mary to teach me what was most important in life and help me see that to have anything worth having, I must first and continually surrender all to Him. 

The only way I can love Mary is by surrendering her to the One who gave her to me every day. Holding tight and letting go all at once so that my love is purified and glorifies God. Whenever I’ve tried to do more than this, I have perverted His love with selfishness. And so, I’ve realised that I can only love her through Christ and not by myself. I don’t deserve my wife, but by His grace, I get to love her, and that’s my daily joy…

Ifeanyi lay in bed watching his wife sleeping peacefully beside him. It was the morning of their anniversary, a day that held new significance for them since their first major battle as a couple last year. It had been a great year, and he had grown a lot since then. Receiving her forgiveness for his infidelity, and accepting God’s forgiveness, had helped him to better appreciate the grace of God in the Christian walk.

His whole perspective on what it means to love had changed. And even though he was still very romantic and down to Earth, he didn’t take his responsibility as the Guardian or Spiritual Leader of their home lightly again. In order to fulfil his role in the marriage, he needed to be connected to the Vine, and so Ifeanyi became a minister in his home. He learnt how to abide in God’s presence continually, and to seek out times intentionally to fellowship with God, like Jesus did. As a result of this, Mary grew to love and trust him more and felt secure in her marriage again…



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