Re-Runs: A Small World – Season Two (Three Weddings and a Funeral) Episode 19


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DISCLAIMER: Please note that this series contains some sexually explicit content, violence and offensive language.  It is not appropriate for children nor an immature and sensitive audience.


Mary had gotten the call from Daniel’s school, requesting for her to attend a meeting with the principal, when she had returned from her holiday. They’d scheduled the meeting for the Monday after the twin’s birthday bash. She was a little anxious about it and wondered what the meeting was about. She hoped that Daniel was keeping up his grades and not getting into mischief.

She arrived early and waited briefly before she was called into the principal’s office.

“Good morning, madam,” Mary greeted the principal with a small curtsy as she approached the desk.

“Good morning, Mrs Chukweke. Thank you for coming. I am Mrs Oshimolowo.” Mary received her extended hand to shake it before taking her seat. She looked about the small office, appreciating how neat and tidy it was. Built-in shelves that housed photographs, books, files, and a few awards lined the walls of the office. There was only one window, but the room was well-lit and fitted with an air-conditioner.

“Thank you,” Mary replied. She looked expectantly at the chubby, mature woman, who seemed stern but fair. “Please, what is this about, ma?”

“Daniel has got himself into a bit of trouble. Has he told you anything about it?”

“No… Well, he mentioned that he was being teased once, but my husband spoke to him about that at the time. He hasn’t brought it up since. Is he okay?”

Mrs Oshimolowo nodded. “Yes, he reported a couple of boys for bullying him when I called him into my office almost two weeks ago for cheating.”


“Yes. Daniel has been doing assignments for other pupils in his class. There’s no evidence that he has been receiving remuneration. However, he has been warned not to repeat the offence again.”

Mary stared at the principal, dumbfounded, unsure what to make of her statements. It sounded like she was blaming Daniel. “Daniel would never cheat! If he did these things, then I believe he is being bullied, and that is more important for us to address.”

“I understand. But Daniel failed to report the bullying to his teacher or any of the staff. Children can be defensive when accused of an offence, and it has been known for children to lie about being bullied to get away from trouble…”

“Are you accusing Daniel of lying and cheating? Why would he do that?” Mary was feeling herself getting angry. Who were these boys that were bullying her little brother?



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