Hey, Why Aren’t You Trying To Save Me?

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Uh, hold up. Stop for a minute.  Whaaaaat?

“Yep! If you really think I’m in danger of burning eternally, why aren’t you trying harder to convince me?” said the Atheist. “There should be a line across the street from my house!”

I found it very weird, when I came across this (paraphrased) question by an Atheist on his blog.  I could think of quite a few reasons why more people were not trying to break down his door to save him from eternal damnation.

  1. I’m quite sure a few good messengers had already been sent to him, who he disregarded and probably chewed up and spat out;
  2. There are many more people like him in desperate need of salvation, and if you had a choice between going to get chewed up, or going where you are more likely to get received, many would prefer to go where the grass is greener (so to speak);
  3. It could be that those around him need salvation themselves, but they think they are all quite alright;
  4. Or maybe those Christians around him really do not care enough to evangelise;
  5. Also, I do believe that at some point, God stops sending people to you!  Maybe when you smell the smoke of your burning house, you will get a clue and dash out.

But does he actually have a point?  Despite what I perceive to be blatant insincerity, I do believe he has a point in that number four is a common phenomenon among many professing Christians.  Most of us seem quite comfortable in our salvation, we don’t really get hot and bothered about the many unbelievers who are destined to a life of eternal separation from God.  Many of us are more concerned with what God will do for us to make our lives more comfortable and beautiful, with only a few who are actively serving among the poor, sick and the lost.

Though we all know for a certainty that we will die one day, everyone seems to live in denial of this fact!  We are not constantly tormented about our future death or the impending demise of our loved ones, nor are we consumed with trying to prolong their lives.  In a similar way, Christians are also consumed with the present, and do not wake up plagued with a burden to save everyone from the coming judgment.  Often, it is all many can do to keep themselves from sin and being corrupted by the world.  Does that mean that the threat of eternal fire and brimstone is not real?  Nope, not at all.  It just means that we are human, prone to distraction, unfaithfulness and selfishness.  Like Paul said, many of us still desire milk (Heb 5:12), when we should have graduated to meat and leadership!

Seeing as Jesus said the road is narrow and all (Matt 7:14)…it is also conceivable that there are far less Christians than those who profess to be.  This is a big problem because many who we should be preaching to are lying that they are already saved, so we think the work is done when it is far from it.  This is deceptive not only for true believers, but for the world that is expecting an impact that only a substantially higher number of labourers would accomplish!  Even so, I suppose there are also genuine believers who have fallen asleep on the job.  Thinking of myself, though, there are a few reasons I no longer hit the pavements or knock on doors.

  1. It is no longer an effective use of time, and time is also a tool of the trade when witnessing;
  2. You get ignored, have doors slammed in your face, insulted…and at the end of the day nobody actually pays any attention to you;
  3. Many people say they have already heard, or they are already saved, or they belong to another religion, while some waste your time, knowing they have not interest in what you are saying…often so they can push their own agenda across to you;
  4. Family and friends get angry and tired of hearing you talk about Jesus, sin and repentance.  So you stop talking to them about those things, and just stick to praying for them;
  5. Changes in culture means that it is highly offensive to approach people to tell them about Jesus, and in certain places, it is a life and death expedition;
  6. More people feel that living a good lifestyle is the most effective witness, so they try to let their actions do the talking, and speak to those who engage them in discussion about their faith.

What more people prefer to do, these days, is witness online, through blogs and chat rooms.  I did chat rooms years ago.  That’s another minefield.  Everyone comes in with their agenda ready for an argument.  Few people are listening to learn something.  Often times, you come out feeling deflated, challenged and/or angry.  There’s rarely a sense of accomplishment, because someone has come to Christ due of your efforts.  The problems with door to door knocking is still felt, when you get lots of rejections by people who say they are already saved, uninterested or have their own passionate religious views they would like to convert you over to.  It can be emotionally exhausting.  Blogging appears more effective for me.  However, I really can’t tell you how effective it is.

Yes, I am really quite safe here, comfortable in my house, sending messages and hoping that someone who needs to read them or who needs to hear about Jesus, and is open, will do so.  Problem is, most people who do read my words already believe like I do, and I can’t deny that I get thrills when they like my posts.  But I am yet to receive a comment from someone who has been reading one, two or more of my blog posts and became saved or was even simply challenged to learn more about Christ (if you’re out there, please say something!).  Yes, I am glad that my writing encourages my brethren, but it would make me soooo happy, if an Atheist or an unbeliever was convicted because of something I wrote too.  But, I don’t denigrate what I do.  I am sowing seeds, and just like the person who knocks on doors…once in a while, it bears fruit!  That being said, I and other Christians can certainly do more.

However, if this is truly an appeal for people of faith to prove their faith and love for mankind by witnessing, it would be great if the secular world showed a sincerity and readiness to receive our messages by:

  1. Restoring Religious education in schools so that children get exposed to religious ideas early;
  2. Scrapping laws that restrict street evangelists from preaching on the streets or distributing their literature in public places;
  3. Removing censorship of God, Christ and other references to faith in media (like TV shows and movies), which (incredibly) freely allow regular mentions of f**k and s**t and the like!

I’m just saying…since you are asking us to do more to reach out to you, it would help if you unblocked your ears and stopped giving us the cold shoulder.

If you are reading this, and you are an Atheist, and you are thinking that Christians are not trying hard enough to save you, maybe you should consider that many Christians are already actively using multiple platforms to reach out to the lost (which includes you).  Maybe the next time you do happen to open the door to a believer trying to spread the gospel, you will be kinder.  Even if the message is not for you, a nice smile or an offer of tea should encourage them to continue reaching out to other people.

However, if you are among those complaining that we keep shoving our religion down your throat, I hope you will understand if you don’t see us for a while.  Cheers!

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  1. “…but it would make me soooo happy, if an Atheist or an unbeliever was convicted because of something I wrote too.”

    This phrase demonstrates a major attitude problem christians have when are dealing with atheists. The word “conviction” is filled with self-righteousness, pride, judgement, and condemnation. These are all the things you accuse nonbelievers of, yet you can’t see the hypocrisy in your own words.


    • Actually conviction is not filled with any of those words or meanings as you suggest. At least that was not my intended purpose. Have you heard of “personal convictions”? Do you know what it means to be have a conviction about something? It is to know that thing as absolutely true. When you are convicted by something, it resonates in your spirit, and you change your thinking on the matter. Conviction leads to repentance, condemnation does not! Condemnation leads to sorrow and death, and that is not my will nor God’s will for anyone. He wants people to be convicted about the truth, and to repent… Jesus came to save and not to condemn the world, and we are saved by the truth, when we are convicted of our error.

      Sincerely, Ufuoma.


      • I totally understand the meaning of the word “conviction” in the christian sense. I was a christian for 41 years.

        You do understand that atheists don’t believe in god, and therefore don’t accept your definition of “conviction?” If you are hoping for the holy spirit or yourself to “convict” nonbelievers and lead them to “repentance” for their sinful selves, you must know they’ll not take kindly to those words. Thus the door-slamming and cold shoulder. Have you given thought to the fact that there is a problem with your method of delivery when it comes to speaking with atheists?


      • Yes, I have given thought to that, and try as much as possible to learn and improve. But I am not at liberty to change definitions to suit people’s sentimentalities. Sin is sin. And I have always said, if you really don’t believe in God, why should you be upset about me calling you a sinner? That word means nothing when God doesn’t exist, which you claim is the truth… So why all the offence? I am not offended when Muslims tell me I am going to hell because I don’t follow their religion. I know what I believe, and I don’t fight them over their beliefs. I would only do so if I wasn’t sure of my belief.

        Cheers, Ufuoma.


  2. “…if you really don’t believe in God, why should you be upset about me caller you a sinner?”

    if you really DO believe in god, why should you be upset about me calling you a stupid dipshit?

    It’s simply not nice to call people nasty names in polite society.

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    • A sinner is not a nasty name. If you were in hospital and they called you a patient, it would be true. If they called you a sick patient, it would also be true! Would you be offended because a doctor or nurse or another patient called you sick, when you are actually ILL and in the hospital? Of course not! Just because it doesn’t feel nice doesn’t make it a bad word. Political correctness is mad these days. Even if we changed the word to UNBELIEVER, you would still take offence. And for the record, I didn’t call you or anyone a sinner – at least not in my post. But the meaning was implied, because that is what you are and that was ALL I was without Jesus! I have been a sinner, and I still sin, but in Christ, I am a saint, a redeemed sinner.

      Calling me a stupid dipshit because I believe something other than you is offensive, but I choose not to take offense because I know why you say what you say…it is because you haven’t known the truth. When you do, you won’t call me a stupid dipshit. Until then, I am content to look like a fool in your eyes, the same way my Lord and those who followed Him were considered delusional fools. It is okay, because your judgement of me has no bearing on my identity or self worth.

      Sincerely, Ufuoma.


      • Wow. You are going to try and convince me “sinner” is not a derogatory name when used to describe unbelievers? Being a “sinner” is what you (and God) call people who are going to burn in hell for eternity because of their unrepentant sin and refusal to acknowledge the One True God…how is that not derogatory?

        The problem is not you, Ufu, it’s the judgmental doctrine you follow. You’re just spewing the same hate which that ancient book of yours spews at those who think differently.

        FYI: no, I don’t take offense at being called an “unbeliever,” though I do prefer the descriptor of atheist.


      • Hi Violet… We learn something new everyday! You are probably not sure which of the terms Black or Coloured I might find offensive…so I guess you might use the expression “African” to be safe. I honestly never knew people thought “sinner” was an offensive word. I generally use “unbeliever” but it all means the same to me. And when I think of sinners and unbelievers, I don’t think of people who are CONDEMNED to burn eternally, but who may be given the same grace that I was to believe, and become saints and do great exploits for God! They are they ones Jesus came for… He came for sinners, He died for sinners, He loves sinners! For someone to take offense at that is a surprise to me! Maybe the Christians you have met hate sinners, but this one loves sinners, like my Lord, and I see potential, I see hope, I see redemption and deliverance when I see people without God… I don’t see people who are condemned. No one is condemned until the last day, and even those professing to be believe and be saved, they may be shocked to find themselves among the camp of the unbelievers, as Jesus said! So we are all working out our salvation with fear and trembling…me included.

        Anyway, all the best to you. Thanks for the chat!


      • I think the comparison of racial descriptors to the christian atheist descriptors is a good analogy. The lesson here is to call people what they’d like to be called…especially if you want to engage them in meaningful conversation. So when you talk with atheists, avoid the name sinner (probably stay away from the words conviction and repentance as well). Just as I would avoid using the derogatory descriptors given to people of a deep complexion. This is the starting point of meaningful exchange. 🙂

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