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Inescapable Favour

It is good to know who you are in Christ, but even if you don’t or forget, you can’t run away from God’s favour.  This is a lesson I learnt recently, and God used my own family to teach me.

I thank God that for as long as I can remember, I’ve had an apathy to riches and nonchalance to this world.  I’ve been of the mind, ever since salvation, that I am a stranger in this world, and there’s nothing here that will last, but all will pass away to make way for the Kingdom of God.

In that mindset, I’ve been a bit extreme to some people’s standards.  I’ve sold everything I possessed and lived in abject poverty by choice, all to know the liberty of living by faith, and to be found doing the Lord’s will when He comes.

So, before I dive into what I’m about to share, you should know that I’m not a prosperity teacher.  In fact, I usually recoil at such teachings, which often drip with greed and insincerity.  But I’ve come to an undeniable revelation of God’s inescapable favour in my life.

When you become a Christian by faith, you are adopted into the family of God. You become His child, and He has a parental responsibility over you. You also become a heir, entitled to an inheritance and other living benefits of being in His family.

Adoption is not something that you break away from. You can distance yourself from your family all you want, but they will still have the certification that you are a member of their fold. What is more, the kind of Father that God is, is the kind that will love you unconditionally. He is more than willingly to forgive, He is constantly seeking reconciliation. So, when you are His, He is always open to you exercising your sonship rights and receiving the blessings of His House.

That is the way it is when you’re part of a good family. You are blessed simply by association, and by no merit of your own. If you come from a particularly wealthy and/or reputable family, you will find that this association also has restrictions, as well as benefits.

I was born into such a family, and enjoy the benefits of privilege. Even though I strive to be simple, down to earth and connected to the less fortunate, I still find that being a part of this family is not something that I can ignore (nor would I want to, to be very honest).

The favour of being in my family is inescapable, and I realised that more when I got married and enjoyed an elaborate celebration beyond my imagination. Personally, I have almost nothing, and my husband and I have more potential than material for now. Yet we enjoyed the honeymoon of our dreams.

What is more, while I was prepared to start from the bottom to build to the top with him, we received even more favour – the gift of a home! And so the showers of favour continue. I was in awe, and still am, when the reality of my good fortune became so evident. I really did not expect such blessing.

Then the Lord spoke to my heart and made me see that that is exactly the way He loves me, and I shouldn’t be surprised at how blessed I am. It was clear that I neither can control the outpouring of His blessing nor can I run from His favour. It was my right as His child, and His pleasure as my Heavenly Father to grant me what I needed and more.

When we forget who we are as Christians, we can accommodate ourselves to living as peasants, when we are actually royalty.  We have a princely and godly heritage, but we are so used to living in the bush (the world) that we can’t see the wood for the trees… We let the devil bully us into believing we can’t do it, that we can never be that good etc. But God has hidden a treasure in us – the Lord Jesus who lives in us, and whose image the Father sees when He beholds us… It is our seal of sonship which is birthed by our faith in Jesus.

The Bible says we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus, and Jesus Himself said that we can do nothing without Him. But with Him we can do all things. Even more, through Him, we have access to all that belongs to the Father.

Being Christian doesn’t mean that you will be ‘living it up’ according to the world’s standards. But it does mean that you can live in absolute joy no matter your circumstance. It doesn’t mean that you’ll get everything you want or think you need. But it does mean that you’ll have the peace that accompanies a contented heart.

My revelation came about because I had doubted my privilege as my earthly father’s child. But when I saw that even our earthly fathers give good gifts to their children, I was reminded that my Heavenly Father will give even greater to His children. God showed me that I had been faithless, living powerlessly unnecessarily. If I had more faith and a real understanding of my privilege in Christ, then I could tap into more blessings that He has for me.

This is also true for you, if by faith, you’ve accepted the Lord Jesus. You are indeed blessed and highly favoured. If you show your love through obedience, you will find God’s favour chasing you… And even when you relent, He is unrelenting, and makes grace available to you. It is a great thing to belong to the Family of God!

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  1. The truth can be uncomfortable at first, and even hard to agree with but it’s sweetness in the end… *bliss*

    Thank you for reminding us from whence we come because it helps us come to accept who we really are.


  2. Thank you for your article, it’s very useful, will definitely try to experiment what you have indicated… there’s only one thing I want to talk about in more detail, I wrote an email to your address about it.


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