Be The Change

Building The Nigerian Future – One Child At A Time

Let us put our hands and resources together to build a world we can all be proud of! Please read and see what Fair Life Africa Foundation is doing. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to every Nigerian!

The Rising Star

(Co-written by Njideka Raleke-Obiora and Simran Daryanani)

To say that the future of Nigeria lies in the children’s potentials cannot be overestimated.  Every parent’s dream is for the child to have better opportunities than they did.  As we celebrate Independence Day yet again, it is only proper that we evaluate what we as individuals have done and can continue to contribute, to chart a better course for the future of Nigeria – its children.

Did you know that a child’s socioeconomic status can affects his/her school performance?

In our experience, we have seen that a low socioeconomic status negatively affects a child’s development.  Psychologically, a child may lose their self-esteem and optimism and turn to addictions, aggression and exhibit significant behavioural difficulties.

Here at Fair Life Africa Foundation, we focus on investing in children, knowing that a positive impact in a child’s life equals impact in the nation’s future.  After…

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