High School, The Holy Spirit and Homosexuality

I found this so amazing that someone who once connected to the homosexual community has confirmed the Truth about it and is sharing it so boldly! Please tell us more, and be a light to the world sister. Thank you for finding my post, THE PETTY THIEF AND THE ARMED ROBBER and not taking offense. It was not to offend, only to convict. God bless you.

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The Girl In The Flowery Dress

I have seen many interpretations of the verses found in Romans Chapter 1 (specifically Romans 1:18-28) in regard to homosexuality. Some I have been able to agree with completely, some I have been able to agree with partially, and others I have not been able to agree with at all. The reason I am saying this is because the scriptures found in Romans 1 are very important to me. They are the very scriptures that God used to first convict me of my homosexual desires. It was not man kind and human philosophies that first convicted me, but God himself.

It was a timely warning that was given in the wise counsel of the Holy Spirit. I first read these scriptures in grade eight when my ex-girlfriend and I were still just friends. There was no question in my mind what the scriptures meant, nor how they were relevant…

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