How should I know when I meet a Christian?

I’d like to offer up an answer to this question posed by an ‘irreligious’ person, whose blog I recently found. You may read the original post below.

Hi, dear friend, you seem to have brushed the surface, but I wish you’d gone deeper. I think you’re quite confused, which is very understandable.

How would you know if you met a Christian?

I really do believe it depends on your attitude and if in fact you’re looking for one. When Jesus walked the Earth, many did not know who He was. It was what He said and did that was so authoritative, challenging, inspiring and even shocking.

People think that if they meet a Christian, they would be left with a warm, happy and nice feeling. The truth is, depending on your relationship with God, you’ll probably feel the way many of those who met Jesus felt – that the person speaks with authority and wisdom, you might be challenged or convicted, you may feel inspired or simply shocked by their perspective.

In simplicity, a Christian is a follower of Jesus Christ, who believes the Testimony of the Bible concerning God and Jesus, who lives according to the teachings of Jesus, and obeys His instructions to make disciples of the world. A Christian is not perfect. Nor a do-gooder. But because they believe they have been saved to do good works, good works should follow anyone who professes to be a Christian.

Whatever you do, don’t judge Christianity by the multitude of professing Christians. Measure a Christian by Christianity (how much they resemble the humble but wise Christ!).

For more on this issue, check out my posts Liberal Christians and Who’s On The Lord’s Side. God bless you and lead you to meet real Christians whose testimonies will challenge as well as inspire you!

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These days it seems that the vast majority of people I run into that claim to be Christians simply are not..

What are they anyway?

Simply a person who attempts to live a good life?  Really, this is a pathetic definition of the most apologetic variety, in such a case every religion and even the irreligious (of which I count myself as one) contain Christians.  I think for now this type definition can be dismissed as so watery it has lost all import.  There is also the logical back-step (modus tollens) that those who are not Christians are not trying to live a good life.  This section make up most of the people that want to argue with an Anti-Theist, for the life of me I can not understand this as they ought know they are simply to pathetic to argue with.  I liken this to the spiritual person who…

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