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Liberal Christians

Liberal Christians are professing believers who have or desire more affiliation with the world than they do with Christ.  They are easily and often offended by the acts of other professing Christians, who they like to point out to the world as unloving and judgmental, unlike them.

Liberal Christians don’t want to rock the boat.  They believe everyone can get along and they need not sacrifice their status nor comfort to further the gospel.  They, unwittingly, act like agents of the world to restrict the growth of the gospel, as they resist other Christians from defending the Faith they claim to share.

They are the ones for whom the cares of the world have choked their witness for God and made them fruitless. They still retain the claim to Christianity, long after they have dropped the Faith, because it is part of their identity and they often still benefit from affiliation to Christian establishments.

However, they are dangerous enemies of the Faith, being traitors, but pretending to represent believers. They waterdown the teachings of Christ, so as to make it attractive to their worldly associates, who then infiltrate the Faith, and change its identity and dependence on Christ and His teachings.

When a topical issue arises, and Christians need a voice, they are among the first to shout out their views. They publicly attack other professing believers who defend the Truth, and align them with others who do not submit to the gospel or share the Lord’s humility. Using the latter as examples, they seek to shame believers into silence and conformity.

However, to use the counterfeit to discredit the original is folly, to say the least. It is equivalent to blaming Chanel for all the fake ‘Channel’ knockoffs in the market.  Or saying that Chanel is too extreme, and should be more like the more affordable, but not too cheap, knockoffs!

The challenge, however, is that true Christianity is rare, though they seek to make it common! True Christianity has always been and WILL always be marginalized. That is the quality of Christianity. And it must be defended and preserved.

Now, I’m not calling you a liberal Christian, but I am pointing out that they are among us. They are not our friends nor fellow believers as they profess to be, because their agenda is to discredit Christians in the world and make our witness of no effect. The Bible says in warning that “friendship with the world is enmity with God” (James 4:4). They have chosen their camp, so be warned!

If you stand for Christ, then defend Him and His teachings. It may bring persecution your way, and it will (sooner or later, as Christ promised). However, rest assured that it is ok to be an unpopular follower of God, but dangerous to be a fake representative. If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything!

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