Issues of Life

New Year’s Resolutions

The life I want starts today. I will consciously make more effort to give time to these things that are important to me and spend less time on activities that sap my strength and inspiration.

With the 24 hours God gives me each day:

1. I will rise up at 6am or earlier to pray and fellowship with God for at least 30 minutes daily.
2. I will spend one hour grooming myself daily (including 15 mins exercise).
3. I will devote an hour to family breakfast each morning.
4. During the weekdays, I will commit no more than 9 hours daily to do all my work and travel (between 9am and 6pm).
5. I will spend at least two hours of my evening with my family, spending time with my son and husband (without the television on Weekdays).
6. I will devote one hour to evening meals and preparing my son for bed each night (8pm – 9pm).
7. My baby’s bedtime routine will include his dinner, some reading or colouring in his room, brushing of teeth and diaper change and bedtime feed.
8. My bedtime routine will start from 9pm. I will enjoy a relaxing drink, brush my teeth, read a book or blog posts on my reader. I will spend another 30 minutes in fellowship with God, before I sleep by 10:30pm.
9. I will not be distracted by TV. During the weekdays, I will strive to watch no more than one hour’s worth of TV a day, aside news updates, which I should watch for at least 30 minutes daily. Rather, I will give more time to reading, writing, listening to music, praying, calling friends and family or organising things in the home.
10. I will make more effort to go out during the weekend with my baby and husband. I will go to Church every Sunday morning. I will make friends at Church by spending more time after fellowship and following up with people during the week. I will make more effort to hang out with friends when occasions arise and visit family regularly.
11. I will permit only 6 hours to work during the weekend, and permit more time (up to 6 hours) to watch TV shows and movies. I will not binge on TV watching.
12. I will smile more often. I will play and laugh more often. I will complain less. I will shout less. As inspiration arises, I will be cheerful and share what God has placed in my heart. I will not waste time on needless arguments. I will achieve more with my time, and be more successful at work, in life and in ministry.

And God will help me. Amen.

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