Critical Thinking

Oh, How We Hate Revival!

So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth” (Rev 3:16).

Oh, not them again! Jeez, they just got saved yesterday and now they want to judge us?! All that silly talk about Holy Spirit and miracles… God stopped talking years ago! And as for miracles, that’s a laugh! What’s there left to say anyway? We’ve got the manual, we’ve got tonnes of history and literature, and they think that they can teach us???

Don’t come over here and stir the waters. We like it just as it is, thanks. Lukewarm and comfortable! I don’t need you trying to guilt-trip me, telling me that I am not obeying Jesus. The Bible is very clear on who should respect whom here. We’re the elders, we’re the authority on the Faith. Why don’t you just shut up and listen?!

There’s nothing new under the Sun. What you’re doing, many have done before you. When they finally got some sense, they gave up all that ridiculous talk of revival and got with the programme. And when they didn’t, it was easy enough to brand the heretics for what they were. A bunch of cults, I tell ya!

Look, take my advice, and lay low, believe what we tell you and you’ll be fine. You may even become a Pastor one day. You can go and get your degree on theology, then you can tell people what to believe.  Now, all you need to worry your pretty little head about is paying your tithes and not getting on my nerves.  You got it?!

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