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Oh, How I Need Revival!

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father, which is in Heaven” (Matt 5:16).

Lord, I live in a world where people hate the light, and aggressively seek to put it out. In this world, it takes courage to speak the truth, to shine brightly for all to see. For fear and for comfort, my light has dimmed.

Lord, I need Your inspiration and boldness to minister, and the grace to do so in love. For the love that compelled Jesus to the Cross, let me never relent in doing good. Let me be stirred up continually to accomplish Your will.

Lord, You said that salt without savour is without purpose. Therefore preserve me, as only You can, and restore in me a right Spirit. Fill all my labour with the joy of knowing You!

Lord, I know what I am asking will cost me dearly. I know that there is yet much pruning to be done in me, so that I may bear Your fruit. As You persevere with me, help me to persevere with others, and encourage them to shine!

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  1. This is the concensus of many (Christians) as of late, myself included. Satan is no longer crouching at the door-He’s moved in with the family, and seated in the pews at church. I am in need of revival, We are in need of a revival. Aloha

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