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Reprobate Minds

Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done” (Rom 1:28).

Do you think that it is possible that someone in this world right now could wake up tomorrow morning and declare that he or she is a dog, living inside a human body?

Do you think that if such a person was to come out {of the closet}, that they would find sympathisers among the general population?

Do you think that some scientists will devote their lives to discovering a way to transform his/her human body to that of an animal?

Do you think animal rights activitists would defend this animal-human’s body change and their full participation in society as an animal-human?

Do you suppose that more people would wake up in the near future and declare that they are in fact dogs/cats/snakes etc living in human bodies?

What do you suppose might happen to the concept of humanity and human rights?

What about the concept of human sexuality and bestiality?

Do you suppose that bestiality would become legalised, so as not to discriminate against these animal-humans?

Do you think that in the near future, marriage between humans and animals will become legalised?

So many questions…  Some of you may be wondering where I am going with this.  Perhaps you think it is too far-fetched.  An illogical leap for sensationalism?  Scare mongering even?

I posed the first question as a comment on a blog post, in response to a lady who expressed five ways in which her life has been improved by the forsaking of Christianity.  She mentioned that one of the ways was “I am now more open to understanding why some people are transvestites, or why some people are sexually attracted to animals, without passing everything through the ‘Bible says it’s wrong’ sieve“. Her response to my comment was; “If it’s possibility, my answer is that anything can happen. You might as well have asked me “do you think a fish could transform into a human being?”” and “How am I worse off because of someone’s realisation that they are really a dog? If I come across such a person I would probably pat them on the head like a dog and keep it moving“.

Sounds simple right?  Anything is possible?  Actually, in our current world, this scenario is a very real and near possibility.  Barely hundreds of years ago, I’m sure no one thought the day would come that men would transform their bodies to take the shape and function of a woman’s body.  Or the day that men and men (and women and women) would be given in marriage legally, and it would be an acceptable custom globally.

Now that the sexually liberated are pushing the boundaries of sex and campaigning for their rights to sleep with animals as well…these questions I’ve posed are easily answered with “yes”.  Should that concern the world?  Maybe not, like the lady said: “How am I worse off?”  Should it be concerning to Believers?  More than concerning, it would certainly be revealing…as it will be a time when those who believe in God are clearly distinguished from those who do not.

For me, the problem presented by this scenario is not so much about the decline in morality as it is in the decline in sanity!  Consider the quoted verse above; God has given men over to the depravity of their minds, to think and do whatsoever they please, without reason.  They denied the thing that would bring peace and joy, and now they cannot be satisfied with any natural pleasure…  They have an insatiable thirst…but not for holiness, for depravity!

Pornography is a classic example.  It starts off quite harmless and simple.  You will be easily aroused and satisfied by the first exposure.  But over time, the same ol’ same ol’ just won’t do.  It quickly escalates in aggression and filth, as your natural senses are worn out from being over-stimulated.   At the extreme, the addict is no more than an animal controlled by his or her sexual desires!  They can’t even enjoy sex or emotionally healthy relationships anymore!

Though we have often addressed this sexual decadence by emphasising on moral values, the problems with the world now cannot be fixed by submission to a universal morality, which is what Humanism is trying to do. The picture that comes to mind is the one painted by Jesus when He spoke of the Pharisees as “white-washed tombs“.  It is really just like throwing paint on a mouldy wall!  Without God, they are corrupt and all their deeds are detestable.  What the world needs, first and foremost, is submission to God!  But God, though being their only hope, is the one thing they do not want, and will continue to resist to their peril!

God made us for Himself.  He made us to honour Him.  He made our minds to recognise His existence, to consider Him, to seek Him and to find rest and joy only in Him.  However, by refusing to do what we were made to do, by refusing to give honour and recognition to the One who designed us, we, as His creation, are malfunctioning.  The people of the world are suffering from a severe mental disorder, and have literally gone mad in their desire to dethrone God from their minds!  It has been a subtle decay because it has been well covered with the paint of civilisation, but soon, the decay will be undeniable.

When a mad person defecates on the streets as you are walking by, what do you do?  Do you tell them it’s not right and they should clean it up?  Do you tell them that it is against the law?  Or do you acknowledge their madness and move on along? Wouldn’t you alert the authourities or get them help?  What if the world is full of such mad people, and this madness is considered normal, so that you are the one who has the problem of being too judgmental…maybe OCDish in your need for cleanliness?  How does one live with such a situation?  You are forced into a situation of either accepting the norm and conforming, or standing by as the perpetual prophet of the doom of plague!

The truth is that a mad person cannot understand morality…  We have to recognise when those we are dealing with are not of sound mind.  Before we expect them to submit to God’s moral code, they need to first recognise the authourity of God.  If they will not recognise the authourity of God, then we have to learn how to live in a world where those who are insane make all the rules!  It is a sad and dreadful fate, but we were forewarned of these times.  Rather than despair, let us ask for more boldness to continue to stand and speak the truth, even though the message of liberty in Christ is an offence.

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  1. The picture that was paired with this post on my Reader (maybe you deleted it) is so sad. So sad. The guy thinks the devil is his friend. What he doesn’t know is that the devil is laughing at him. “Look what a fool I got this guy to make of himself,” he guffaws, “What an idiot.” The devil has no friends. All any of us are to him is a masterpiece to be defiled. A defiled masterpiece for which he has nothing but contempt. So sad.

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  2. You painted the intended picture already in the mind of readers like me who got the message clearly- signs of the end times! Reprobate are everywhere!
    Love reading from you, it gives me hope that the world is not only filled with reprobates and depraved minds.

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    • Thanks for reading and commenting. Somehow, we have to speak the truth in love, even when it is hard to receive without offense. I hope people are convicted and not condemned.

      Cheers, Ufuoma.


  3. Sad indeed. I don’t even know what to say because you said it all. Gross darkness covered the earth but we are salt and light shinning ever until our master comes. I feel sorry for these people because like Julie said, the devil is just laughing and wondering how fools keep parading the earth and don’t even know he’s no ones friend. He wants to reduce man to the extent that he becomes nothing. No understanding. As the bible says, a man who is honor but has no understanding is like the beasts that perish. I know one thing though. Those who are for God will be for God no matter what happens. Our own is to keep praying and keep shining the light. It is well. xo!

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