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Do you really believe in Hell?

I’ve written a few pieces on Hell recently, as I’ve tried to understand and explain why a loving God would create such a place so contrary to His character.  As I’ve written these posts, and gained understanding by God’s Spirit, I have been amused.  God has a marvelous sense of humour…and though He often uses stories and parables with insightful and amusing lessons to teach us, there’s nothing funny about Hell.

In my post, “You Don’t Love Me? Your Funeral!“, I explained that one would have to REALLY hate God to choose Hell over Heaven, because He has made the choice unbelievably easy and convenient.  The love you have for yourself will not let you settle for Hell, because you think that a God who creates Hell is unlovable or unloving.  With even a little wisdom, everyone knows that you’re the only one who will lose out if you decide to pull out your eye to spite your face, by rebelling and choosing Hell instead!

In my second post on the topic, “Heaven and Hell: An Idiot-Proof Design“, I explained just how idiot-proof the choice is, such that even a fool (by the world’s definition) can make the right choice.  God has not left a stone unturned, in His effort to make sure that EVERYONE makes Heaven!  That is truly His will for us: “…[God is] not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance” (2 Pet 3:9).  We also read the same sentiment expressed by Paul to Timothy: “…[God] will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth” (1 Tim 2:4).

My third post was a story about “The Two Theologians”, who despite their disagreements, where both about to find themselves in Heaven.  The fact is we will be very surprised who we meet in Heaven!  As much as we think we know where people are going based on their lifestyle or theology, we really don’t have an ultimate insight into their soul, or their relationship with God.  God is still working on them, just as He is still working on you…

Jesus said, there are many who are first that shall be last, and many who are last, that will be first (Matt 19:30).  He also said: “And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd” (John 10:16).  So, don’t think only those whom you fellowship with will be saved.  It is God who will build His Church, by His Spirit…we are simply to be lively stones.

This doesn’t stop us from teaching what is true and warning people who are evidently living contrary to the truth.  The Spirit of God doesn’t seek to condemn men, but to deliver them from condemnation with the truth.  Without the truth, they are already condemned, and if they reject the truth, they stay condemned (John 3:16-18).  As we have received and believed the truth and been delivered by it, we ought to teach others, so that they too may be free from condemnation (Rom 8:1, John 8:32).

If we do not warn people in error, we do not show that we have the truth or that we love them and desire for them to be reconciled to God.  There is however a difference between contending with someone who is misguided, and arguing to be proven right.  One is motivated by the Spirit of God, and another is motivated by a devilish spirit, that is concerned only about causing division and stealing our joy.  The comical twist to the story was that their argumentative spirit is what secured their eternal destiny, even at the point of their deliverance!  Don’t be so foolish!

We all know where it is written that “the fool says in his heart that there is no God” (Psa 14:1).  But do you also know that it is foolish to deny the existence of Hell?  When you live carelessly, not considering your eternal destiny, you are just like the fool who says that there is no God!  How much would your life change right now if you knew without a doubt that Hell is real, and that your neighbour, your sister, your friend or even your child could be heading there if you don’t persuade them to accept the truth and repent?  Do you actually believe that Jesus is the ONLY Way, the Truth and the Life (John 14:6)?

The world challenges us to deny the existence of Hell because they think it doesn’t fit in with what we teach about God loving them.  They argue that it is unloving to threaten people or to tell people that they will end up being tortured for all eternity.  “How can you sleep at night believing people who don’t believe what you believe will burn in Hell?” they ask with contempt.  But even if the choice was simply between Heaven and Earth, they would still tell you to leave well enough alone, because if God was so loving, He wouldn’t withhold Heaven from them!  In any case, God can’t win.

The problem here is their understanding of love…and they seek to impose their perverse understanding and expectations of love on God.  If it doesn’t feel like love, it isn’t love, they say.  But their idea of love is what has caused all the sexual perversions and problems with sexual identity, homosexuality, abortion, prostitution and all sorts of things that get a free pass in the name of love!  They don’t know real love, and they don’t want real love!  They just want what they want, when and HOW they want it.  That is just rebellion!  They, who are the ‘Loved’ have become the dictators, as they use God’s love against Him, the way a naughty child seeks to manipulate his parents.

Jesus tell us for good reason to “…fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell” (Matt 10:28).  Hell is part of God’s perfect will; in that though they may not love Him, the fear of Him is the beginning of wisdom (Prov 9:10)!  And wisdom will lead them to His feet, where they will come to know Him and love ALL His ways…  Hell is intentionally fearsome!  You should be afraid to go to Hell!  You should be very afraid about all the people you love going to Hell because you never bother to tell them about your faith in Jesus – if indeed you have faith in Jesus!

Maybe you don’t believe in Hell.  Maybe you’re one of those who have constructed a more loving Hell in your mind that is not so scary, and doesn’t make God look like a monster to the world, and present that as the alternative from Heaven.  No, the only alternative God has prepared is a terrifying destiny that should frighten every careless soul, with a blast of wisdom into His arms!  There is no other acceptable place to be for all eternity.  Don’t try to prove yourself wiser or even more loving than God!

I charge you to retain the fear of God in your heart.  Retain the knowledge of Hell.  Warn the people that Hell is real, and let them receive wisdom!  And those, who will continue to profess and practice foolishness and counterfeit love, who through their actions show that they despise God and real Love, will get the place their hearts have craved.  In fact, they will not be satisfied with anything more.  By the time they hit the flames of Hell, their souls will already be tempered to the conditions of Hell…as their hearts have been hardened by their own rebellion and hatred of God.

Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your heart” (Heb 3:15).

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  1. Hell is translated from only two words in the Bible, sheol, which is the grave, and gehenna, which is is the Jerusalem dump. There the refuse was incinerated. These are the only two root words relating to hell in the whole Bible.
    I recently watched something that widened my perspective considerably in respect to this condition of hell. Here’s the link:
    It seems as if the grave is where the body goes in hell and just returns to dirt. The soul however seems to go through a very different process and not necessarily in the dirt below our feet either. The counterpart to gehenna seems to be a spiritual dimension of burning and it is fearful to be sure.
    I agree with all that you’ve said in this post. I’m also wondering if there might not be a greater dimension to it.

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    • I wouldn’t doubt that I’ve barely touched the surface of understanding hell. The point is, even what is revealed about it in the Bible is downplayed by those who want to paint a prettier picture. It isn’t a pretty picture at all.

      I appreciate your contribution. Will follow the link 🙂 Cheers for sharing!

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      • I used to downplay it too to some extent, kind of as a pushback from the glee certain presenters had about the eternally burning aspect.
        I used to point out that in Gehenna the refuse was simply burnt up. That did not constitute eternally burning.
        This latest aspect, as you will see when you follow the link will show that hell may very well be a spiritual dimension not for the body, but for the soul. It definitely makes one think twice before arriving there.

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      • Hi dear… I followed the link you sent. Was surprised to see a Jewish video. I watched about 20 minutes of it, and I think I read everything he had to say about hell. It wasn’t very descriptive, like I expected, more of a feeling of fright and hearing people screaming. I can’t say it added to my understanding at all, though some of the imagery he discussed was interesting, like the angel of death.

        It seems to me, if his account is true, that our experience of eternity will be very much related to our spiritual beliefs on Earth, because what he described was like a Jewish heaven and hell, where they even shouted at him for not wearing Tzitszit, which he now wears devotedly.

        From the revelation I have of Christ, I can’t believe that is what awaits Christians, to be told that they should have worn tassels, or ritual fringes…especially when Jesus criticised the Pharisees on that point.

        I really can’t say I got much from watching that, which is why I stopped at about 20 minutes…which was like 40 minutes, because I had to keep pausing to read what was said.

        I read your about page to learn more about your belief in God, and it wasn’t clear to me what you actually believe. It seems you are spiritual, but to which persuation, I am unclear. May I ask what is your revelation of Christ, who is He to you?

        Sincerely, Ufuoma.

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      • That is a very interesting take on the video. I hadn’t really expected that.
        I kind of viewed it as an overview. It tied a huge amount of information together for me from many different backgrounds.
        There are spiritual meanings to tzittzit, perhaps I am more familiar with this, as it represents covenant. I think this is something that Christians can relate to.
        I was fascinated about with the light, the judgement process, and the different levels he went through. This ties so many different ideas together and made me realize that perhaps different faiths are only looking at different aspects of a much larger picture.
        I know that some sects within Christianity teach that Judaism is wrong. However, the whole Bible is undeniably based on it. Christianity, because of it’s scripture, is Jewish. It really helps to know what Judaism is about rather than relegating it to some kind of thing to avoid.
        I used to believe that way too until spiritually tortured by my fellow Christians. The only way I escaped death at that particular juncture was to understand the Jewish roots of the Christian faith. It was through this spiritual understanding that I gained the tools to overcome at that time by moving into a closer relationship with Christ.
        You will not see a persuasion in my writing. I am one-on-one with Christ, wherever He leads.


      • Thanks for responding. I can understand what you mean about the Church.

        However, I still feel you’re not being all that clear about who Christ is to you. There are many Christians who profess to be following Jesus, who do not know Him because they don’t obey Him. And still those who don’t align with Christianity, but accept Jesus as a wise Teacher…and even claim to follow Him without believing what He said about Himself, being the Son of God. Which are you?

        It is important for me to know. Thanks for understanding 🙂

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      • So far I’ve found that anyone who presses this question is in a legalist state of mind, a religious state, fearful of anyone who may not proclaim Christ in some Christian fashion.
        I’ve decided I am no longer going to answer this question. If Christ was in you, it simply would not have to be asked. Christ knows who is His and does not make decisions made on outward confessions. This all amounts to a great amount of phoniness. So I am going to pass.
        I already can see your fear of relating to anything besides prescribed Christianity and their tests they throw out for all to follow.
        I can say this. These tests mean nothing. In the end, it will be those who know Christ inside and not those that make some kind of accepted confession that make the cut.
        I’ve already taken note of your unfollow because a Jewish video irked your Christian conscience.
        I do not judge people by sect, but by heart. I think I know where to go from here.
        It is too bad. I had great respect for your writing thus far.


      • Hi ART,

        Because I don’t know your name, I don’t know how else to address you, so pardon me.

        I didn’t unfollow you because of the video you sent me. I unfollowed you because I went on your blog, in search of references to Jesus Christ, but aside the references to the anti-Christ and Christ-consciousness (e.g. Source), there were just two other flippant references to the Christ.

        If you actually do believe in Jesus Christ, there would be more evidence of it in your writing, and reference to His teaching. What there is is a lot of talk about spirituality and energy and reference to the Source, and science. This doesn’t tell me that you know Jesus in any real way or that you wish for others to know Jesus.

        Maybe that is a knee-jerk reaction to the Christianity you’ve experienced, but reading my posts, you already know that I’m not your typical Christian. I do passionately believe in Jesus, and I preach Jesus. I preach about the Jesus of Nazareth, as revealed in the Bible.

        I don’t reject science or spirituality or energy or any of that, but one thing I know is that if you’re not pointing people to exercise real faith in Christ, you’re not offering them any real solution. The love you are preaching cannot save them. That is my firm belief.

        I do wish you all the best, though.

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      • Hi ART,

        On the issue of legalism, I hope you are aware that Jesus asked His disciples who people said He was… and He also asked them who they thought He was. And when Peter answered correctly, Jesus told Him that it wasn’t flesh and blood that revealed it to Him, but the Spirit of God. This makes it clear that it is very important what we believe about Jesus. That is why we are also warned about those who deny that Christ came in the flesh… Our faith is also tied to His bodily resurrection, because like Paul said, if He is not risen, we are of all people most miserable.

        So if you are afraid to confirm your belief and understanding on who Christ is, you are the one who should be concerned whether or not you have His Spirit. When Jesus asked the Pharisees to confirm the authority of John the Baptist’s baptism, they couldn’t because they refused to believe he was from God, but were afraid of the people. I sense you are quite like the Pharisees in your inability to declare one way or the other who Jesus is. And I suspect it is because it is more appealing to the world for you to refer to Him as the Source and to practice Christ-consciousness, than to follow after Him, bearing the shame of the Cross.

        “I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes” (Rom 1:16). I profess that Jesus is the ONLY Way, the Truth and the Life. Can you make that claim? Are you ashamed of Jesus?

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      • It is nice to jump to conclusions, isn’t it? I would have to say though, they are, in fact, wrong.
        If you would like to step out of the judgement seat for a moment. I’ll tell you a few of the reasons I don’t use the name Jesus on my blog.
        First, it is not his real name. It is a name that was added later. The original name is Yeshua and I do refer to this name from time to time where appropriate.
        I rarely use Lord or God either. The reason for this is that it is indifferentiatable in meaning from Baal. Might as well be calling Yahweh Baal. Both mean the exact same thing and that is master.
        God, as far as that term is concerned can mean any god and I do use it in that context from time to time.
        But to be really honest. I’m not writing to an audience of any faith and I do not either wish to offend or confuse others by these names.
        Yes, there are other ways to say things. That is exactly what I am doing, quite on purpose, I might add.
        It doesn’t matter though. You have already said you are not interested in what I have to say and that is fine.
        I prefer social relationships that are just honest and open. Kind of like, you follow my blog and I follow yours and we’ll get to know each other.
        I don’t really care what someone espouses. I want to know their heart. If that isn’t there, it’s pointless.


      • Thanks for your feedback. I didn’t jump to conclusions as you said. To keep from jumping to conclusions, I asked you questions, which you have still evaded. I had my suspicions, and that is not a judgment… but a hunch, which will be confirmed with more evidence. You’ve provided more, thanks.

        So I am still curious to know, since the name is an issue to you… do you believe Yeshua is the only way to God, like He claimed to be? And if you believe that, do you teach people to follow Him?

        I don’t mind following people with contrary views to me, because you can learn and fine tune your understanding. However, I am more weary of those who profess to believe in Christ, but are basically not pointing people to the Risen Christ… the only one who can save them from their sins.

        I read your post Weird Science and you have an interesting perspective, but I’m not sure how much of it agree with. I also read your most recent post on the religious spirit… and it would be easy to applaud it if not for the fact that I know you’re talking about our conversation and justifying yourself for not taking a stand on Yeshua Christ.

        I think if you hadn’t been so defensive and answered honestly, our conversation might have taken a different turn. But I will never be ashamed to profess or to teach Christ… If you have read the post you are commenting on, you will know the importance of teaching the truth, because only the truth has the power to save us from hell and condemnation.

        Blessings, Ufuoma.

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      • I’m not sure why I am engaging in this conversation. I am truly weary of it, this one and so many others like it.
        Here, I’ll put it simply. Yeshua didn’t say to spread his name all over the place. I know, that is a common Christian practice.
        I am not a Christian, nor am I a Jew, nor am I a follower of any religion. I am not a religionist. So I’m not going to go around spouting off Christ or any other deity, except for in cases of examples.
        I never claim to be a religionist of any sort. If I have to espouse a certain religion or person to be acceptable, then that is not what I am. If that is what you want, just go your way. I don’t mind.
        Now, having said that. I will also say this: Yeshua is not an outside entity to me. Yeshua is the Spirit of The Most High that lives inside of me. You can refer to John 17:21 for that concept. Practically the whole chapter for that matter.
        Yeshua means Salvation of The Self-Existent Ones. That is just a way of saying that once Christ’s Spirit is installed, salvation is a condition we live in.
        Yeah, I know Christ died on the cross. I don’t deny it. But long ago and far away is not what I look to for salvation. I can feel the Spirit working inside. I see the miracles daily. I don’t need to spout off some name repeatedly in order to show I have this relationship. It changes my life. I just live it. It is a state of being. That is what matters. How that relationship presents itself is what I want to share.
        Blessings to you as well.

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      • Thanks for the honesty. I see you now.

        I had in mind from your first comment on my post, The Devil’s Ministry, that you are a follower of Christ in the sense that I am, but it is clear now that we have different beliefs on what it means to follow Jesus/Yeshua.

        I appreciate you taking the time to explain. It will mean that I will be able to understand our future correspondence better. I am not threatened by your position as you may think. If we are able to agree on the Devil’s Ministry and in Hell, we probably share more common ground than we realise. Open and honest communication always leads to the truth.

        All the best, Ufuoma.

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      • I’m glad the barrier was broken. That is rare, really rare, in my experience.
        I do appreciate your insight and your closeness to the Book. As you say, I do think there is much we can agree upon.
        I do like to share insights, but usually avoid religious viewpoints at all costs.
        Open and honest communication is all I’m looking for. The truth is usually self-evident.
        Thanks for listening.
        Many blessings,


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      • Interestingly, on the Eric Metaxas show this week, he’s deemed it “Hell week” and he is interviewing some very interesting guests. I recently bought a book from his first guest this week. The book is entitled Heaven’s Doors: Wider than you ever believed by George W. Sarris. He has done something that I don’t believe has ever been done. Although this is a very scholarly book, he has deliberately written this for the layman so it is not hard to understand. He believes that God will ultimately restore everyone to Heaven. It is not Universalism because he believes in hell but hell is a temporary “burning up of the dross” in which all will eventually come to Christ. Well, take a look at that book. I’ve just gotten started on it but have found that a lot of the images and ideas of hell were propagated by pagans or in non-canonized literature from that time period. The first 300 years of Christianity, most everyone believed in God’s ultimate restoration.


    • That was a very interesting read! Thanks for sharing 🙂 He doesn’t conclude that it is a physical place (and maybe it isn’t physical, seeing as we are spirit beings), but we do have the same conclusion that we are the ones who decide whether our eternal destiny is to be damned to Hell or enjoy the liberty of Paradise. It was very intellectual, and I’m proud of myself for being able to follow it, hehe!

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      • AHAHHA… I’m laughing at your last sentence because those were my exact sentiments after finishing reading it myself !

        I agree with you on both counts , we are spirit beings that have a soul and currently reside in a physical body, so I’m usually mindful that hell is not necessarily a physical place; and definitely it’s our choice – regardless of what naysayers say.

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  2. Ufuomaee, Loved the post! Let’s not forget in addition to Hell being real and created for eternal torture, it was not created for man. When Adam sinned, God didn’t go and create Hell in case he or they didn’t receive God’s sacrificial offering. We must remember that Hell was not created for man. It was created for the devil and his angels. God even from Adams day offered man (that blew the simplest command “don’t eat the fruit”) salvation. Even from the garden was the penalty of sin imposed. According to scripture at least two animals (innocent I might add) had to die. Those animals died to cover the nakedness mankind exposed by sin and the shame that separated man from his God. When Satan sinned along with his and angels his fate was sealed. God provided no salvation for them, Hell was prepared and their fate sealed. We don’t know what kind of animals or how many but I’d say that for it skin to be fashioned into a covering it had to die. The sacrifice appeased the Lord but on a temporary basis. But scripture also tells us that Christ “Jesus” was the lamb slain before the foundation of the world. This tells me that God is loving, kind, and has no desire that man suffer the torment designed for Satan. He’s the author of salvation. So those that choose to follow Satan like the 3rd can share his fate. Hebrews 2:3. Always a pleasure, Grace & Truth.

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    • Thanks Brother! I appreciate your insightful contribution. God is in the business of reconciling man to Himself… and you’re right to point out that Hell was made for Satan.

      I’ve often wondered about the distinction between Hell and the Lake of Fire. The Bible says that Hell was also cast into the Lake of Fire… But, I’m no theologian, and understanding the difference will not make one any more prepared for Heaven…but it does make you think that there’s so much more to know and to be humble with the understanding God has given.

      Cheers, Ufuoma.

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