The Spotlight: On Intimacy, Trust and Sincerity

Hi Dear Readers,

I hope you enjoyed the three posts I shared with you last week!  If you missed them, you can click on the category The Spotlight, to read them all.

This week’s posts deal with our intimacy with God, our faith in His ability to do the impossible, and our sincerity in following and obeying Him.  Are we truly disciples of Jesus, who seek to know Him more, who trust and believe Him, and who truly love Him and all He represents, or are we in it for something else?  These posts challenge us to have the right perspective in all these things, that we may truly enjoy the benefits of being called the children of God.

Please read and be blessed, and be kind to share and drop a comment for the authours!

1. DON’T PUT CHRIST IN THE FRIEND-ZONE by insanitybytes22

Does everyone know what the friend-zone is? That’s where you think someone is a very nice person, you really like them, but sorry buddy, there’s just no attraction there. I kind of just see you like a brother. You’re my BFF, but this relationship is going nowhere. I’ve got nothing to offer you…

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I rarely pray for miracles.

I mean, I pray for divine interventions.  I pray for things that seem like a reach unless God gets involved.  But mostly I hedge my bets.  I pray for God to do His work and to do His will and, you know, if that means a miracle, that’s awesome, but if not I totally understand because it’s all up to Him anyway…

Tags: #Christian living, #Christianity, #faith, #gratitude, #joy, #miracle, #praise

3. TOO MANY “CHRISTIANS” by Glenn Christopherson

Don’t panic. I haven’t abandoned the faith. I love the brethren. Most times I even like them. The problem I have is what goes by the name Christian.

We have Christian radio and Christian TV.

Christian celebrities and celebrity “Christians”…

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been really blessed. And I pray it wouldn’t be one of those things I read ad just appreciate the level of truth, but rather I’ll take conscious steps to believe and act.

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  2. I enjoyed the posts you shared here.

    “Don’t Put Jesus In a Friend-Zone” is a great article. I so much liked the analogy and it was so convicting. It happened at some in my life and I was lifeless.

    Thank you for sharing!

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