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Reason and Passion: A House Divided Against Itself

The mind is as to the heart as reason is as to passion.  They war continually and rarely agree.  The mind believes it is superior, and seeks always to lead the heart.  The heart however longs for independence…to do as it pleases, damning the consequences.

I see parallels here between the Spirit and the Flesh (Gal 5:17).  The Spirit is wise and controlled, but the Flesh is foolish and seeks to be uninhibited by reason.  I also see parallels with the Church/Religion and the World/State.  The Church believes it has authourity and wisdom to lead, while the World refuses to be subjected to its authority, but to live in independence.

How does the mind and the heart function together to keep a soul at peace?  For surely, a house divided against itself cannot stand (Mark 3:25).  When the heart has it’s way, the mind is silenced and ignored.  When the mind overrules action, the heart laments and is frustrated.  Can reason and passion co-exist in harmony?

The Church has agreed for many centuries to be separate from the State.  Many felt this was wise, and the only way for the two to co-exist.  But the State does not simply wish to co-exist with the Church.  It wishes that the Church may be altogether redundant and discarded, and that only its own judgments should stand.

Why is this?  The World, like the heart seeks to break whatever may constrain it, even a little.  And, quite like the mind, the Church cannot be silenced forever.  For it cares for the whole body, and is burdened to protect all, and it knows too well, the foolishness of the heart (the World)!  Though it will not always wrestle – for many are its strategies – it will seek to influence…with reason, that perhaps the heart may take caution to passion and foolishness.

But there is a great mystery…  There was a time when reason and passion met and agreed.  A time when reason and passion came together to achieve the greatest work of all.  The time God reasoned that He should save Man from condemnation, and His passion for Man drove Him to the Cross (John 3:16-18).

Reason and Passion will once again soon be united, when the kingdoms of the world become the Kingdom of our God (Rev 11:15).  The righteous will rule with reason and passion, and Church and State will know no division.  The hearts and minds of men will know joy and peace at last.  And of the Kingdom of our Lord, there shall be no end…

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