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So, today I took a bold step and activated WordAds on my site.  I am not keen on excessive adverts, which is why I have kept adverts off the site until now.  I’m not too sure how it works yet, but I might need your help to keep offensive ads from popping up on my site. If you see any, please take a screenshot of it and send to, so I can make a complaint and get such barred from my domain.  Thanks!

In order to continue to maintain this site, it needs to be able to pay for itself, so I am not only activating advertising on my blog, I am launching my first Advert Post by promoting my very own Ufuomaee Business Solutions!  I am also using this avenue to let other business owners know that I am available to write advert posts, product and other reviews, and run social media campaigns on their behalf.  I have been doing this free for my charity, Fair Life Africa Foundation and for my husband’s recruitment firm, JET Recruitment Professionals, and so I think it’s time I make it profitable, so I don’t feel guilty when next I settle down to write a thrilling story for my readers.

I founded Ufuomaee Business Solutions last year, with the help and push of my husband, Toritseju Ashogbon, who felt that I was letting my talents go to waste.  He told a few people that I was the one who designed my charity’s website and created our accounting documents, and got me my first client, Elvira Jude, a fashion designer.  I helped them with a basic site to showcase their collection, and a specialised accounting template to help them keep on track with their incomings and outgoings.  I wasn’t feeling too confident in my abilities when I started, but the experience boosted my confidence so that I decided to set up the company.  It was incorporated in March this year with the Corporate Affairs Commission!

I cater mainly to start-ups and small business owners, who are seeking affordable solutions to their business needs.  I specialise in web design and maintenance, social media and email marketing and administrative solutions.  However, my clients are not limited to start-up companies, as I recently concluded the websites for Standard Alliance Capital and Standard Alliance Properties.  If you’re in need of an affordable, brilliant and creative solution for your business, Ufuomee Business Solutions has got you!  Check out my business site at or send me an enquiry at

So remember this space is available for your next promotion.  Contact and let’s talk rates 🙂


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