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Ten Reasons You’re Not Getting Likes Anymore

This is just a random list off the top of my head.  It may or may not have anything to do with the fact that my blog has become a Ghost Town in the last couple of weeks.  Don’t read too much into it.

Maybe you’re wondering the same things, though.  Sometimes, it helps to air out your concerns, and then they no longer take up space in your head, where more productive ideas ought to grow.  So let’s begin:

  1. They are probably on holiday!  Yes, we easily forget that other people have lives apart from blogging and reading blogs.  If it is a holiday season, or a busy time of the year, perhaps they took some much needed time off!
  2. They are probably busy with life!  Yes, life happens.  Even if they haven’t gone on that holiday, maybe they finally took your advice (or didn’t take your advice) and decided to get their life together, focus on what’s important, and reading your blog was postponed for a while…
  3. They probably just received great/bad news!  They may have finally had the baby you didn’t know about, or maybe they lost someone close to them.  They may be moving house or even to a new job!  Or maybe they lost their job, and are busy trying to get another one, so they can afford to have time to read your blog again…
  4. They probably found other more interesting blogs!  Sad, but likely to be true.  There are so many sites competing for readership, and many also have great and wonderful content.  If they’ve found somewhere else, where they feel more nourished and inspired, the least you can do is be happy for them.
  5. They are probably not interested anymore!  Well, who says there has to be any special reason.  People do what they like, and they are probably no longer interested in your blog.  Maybe they’re enjoying a nice book.  Maybe they’ve picked up a new interest.  And maybe they never knew you cared so much…
  6. They probably don’t agree with you anymore!  Yeah, there are a lot of opinions out there, and if you are not airing one of the popular ones, don’t expect to be too popular.
  7. Maybe you’ve lost your edge…  Ummm…  When you start blogging about why people are not reading or liking your posts, that is a good point to consider!  Maybe you need to revert to what you were doing in the past, when you were more comfortable speaking your mind and heart, and didn’t worry about who’s reading and what they think…
  8. Maybe God is doing something and you need to listen.  Yes, it could be that this is a time for more inner reflection, as opposed to broadcasting.  Perhaps you’ve gone your own way…serving in your own strength.  Maybe you need to be still and know that He is God…
  9. Maybe WordPress is messing with you.  You know, I was sure my stats dropped once I started WordAds.  And then again, now I have discontinued it, it has even plummeted.  Could it be a coincidence?  Then again, it’s most likely not that.
  10. Maybe they’ve joined the ranks of the Ghost Readers.  Yes, there is a great population of those who read, who never like or comment.  As annoying as that may sound, it’s better than no one reading your posts at all.  So, they could be reading, but just messing with ya…or just don’t like your stuff enough to let you know they read it…  Ummm…

Okay, a little neurotic, but I’m glad I’ve got that out of my head, so I can now focus on what’s important.  Thanks for reading.  No pressure to like or comment.

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    • LOL! Yes oh… apparently, there are many shameless people who delight in this form of entertainment. I’m usually guilty of not commenting, but I like as many as I read and agree with. Thanks for commenting 🙂


    • Happy New Month, my dear… Don’t worry. It’s my issue. I’m going through some things, and I guess this was an “I’m afraid of the dark (silence)” moment. God is enough. But all the same, I appreciate your encouraging comments 🙂


  1. I read your work still. I usually don’t agree but that’s okay.

    I find that working to grow relationships online is a good thing for a blog. I try hard to keep up on the content I subscribe to especially those who visit my blog. I enjoy those interactions the most.

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    • Yes, there something I read recently that spoke to me about that. It was about how our selfish focus on ourselves hinders us from growing our relationships.

      Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

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  2. Well I thought of one more reason. Bear in mind, I am not complaining but it was so much easier to create deeper friendships when I only had a few hundred followers. I could comment on all their posts and get to know them better. We were able to stay in touch and become great friends! Some became closer than family. Now don’t get me wrong, I love having 2400+ followers now so please don’t stop following (!!!) but sadly I can’t be on the computer every minute. I so appreciate hearing from followers and ALWAYS respond to comments when they write me. Great post for thought and hope no one would take it personally if we can’t “like” every one. Blessings,

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