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The Spotlight: Stop Praying For Singles To Get Married!

Hi y’all!  The Spotlight is back with a difference!  I have really appreciated the break, and I needed it.  I could do with more rest, but sooner or later, I have to get back to what I love to do and trust God to bless my perseverance.  I really hope this series is encouraging to all my readers and friendly bloggers, and also inspiring too.

So, The Spotlight used to be its own blog at, but when I started having issues with the site again, I decided to make it a category on Grace and Truth, with a weekly series.  The original series showcased three related blog posts a week, but I want to take the pressure off.  Sometimes, it’s hard to find those winning three, and I really want my spotlight pieces to be awesome each time…so that people who get spotlighted really appreciate it 🙂

This week, I am spotlighting a blog by Simi.  Her blog is called Nuach!  I really don’t know why the name!  I hope she will stop by and explain why she chose that name.  She is a funny Nigerian blogger, and you can just tell she has her tongue perpetually in her cheek with the way she writes!  She takes on some controversial issues on her blog, so she’s my spirit sister!!!  I actually reblogged one of her pieces this week, called “Must We Always Pray????”  Check it out, you will love it…unless you are religious and not spiritual.

Okay, so the blog post that I want to spotlight on Simi’s blog is the one titled “Stop Praying For Singles To Get Married!!!”  I want to say a big AMEN to that post and its message.  Simi tackled an important issue with attitude and intelligence.  She didn’t just rant, she went on and presented some candid advice on the sort of things people should pray for when thinking of singles 🙂  That’s just the sort of post I would write.  Actually, I wrote a post that runs on a similar theme, addressing the pressure to marry felt by singles.  It is called “Would You Rather Be Miserably Lonely In Marriage?“.

I think it is so pathetic that we seem to have turned sex to be the purpose of human existence!  Yes, I said sex!  I actually think that is why there is SOOO much pressure among Believers for singles to marry.  Because of this whole obsession with sex.  Marriage seems to be the diversion from the road of sexual sin that people think singles are destined to follow, even though singleness was encouraged (even promoted) in the Bible (1 Cor 7:8, Matt 19:10-12).  It is assumed that everyone is or will soon be having sex.  There seems no regard nor appreciation for celibacy, which is seen as a curse only a few unfortunate people should bear.  Anyway, that’s my take on it.

Read Simi’s and do encourage her with a comment and share.  Here’s an excerpt:

I have never been to a meeting or been among a group where when they decided it was time to pray for singles, there is more than one prayer point. There is usually just that one prayer point and it is always that they will find the right person and marry well, bla, bla, bla.


This does not happen only in meetings (by meetings I am referring more to church meetings) but in small, informal gatherings as well. You just let about 3 or more people be gathered to talk and if the conversation somehow slides towards marriage and the next thing will be wishes and prayers for singles to get married…

What is your take?  Do you think Simi’s overreacting?  Is marriage the purpose of humanity or the higher calling in Christianity?

Let’s chat in the comment section.

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  1. My oh my!!
    It’s about time we drum it into people’s ears that, life does not end in getting married.
    You did a good job with ya rant,Simi.
    Thanks ma’am for bringing this piece my way.
    “Let’s all pray for our single sistahs/ladies,that they should all get married.”
    That’s the only prayer point they raise for us….They don’t pray for us to get a job,become a better wife material,let alone fulfilling God’s purpose for our lives.
    Do they really think we are here on earth just to get married,have kids and take care of the home alone?
    I stopped praying for a husband long ago.Matt6:33 has already settled it.”But seek first the kingdom of God and it’s righteousness and every thing-husband inclusive,will be added to you.
    Our core existence is tied to fulfilling God’s purpose in our lives.Marriage is not purpose fulfillment.


  2. Hey Ufuoma,

    Thank you for the spotlight! *wears celeb hat*. All for God though.

    Did you really say I perpetually have my tongue in my cheek?? I am laughing my head off here. I do try to be a good girl. Tongue-in-cheek me just always manages to sneak out.

    As for the name Nuach! Well Nuach is simply the Greek word for ‘Rest’ which is what my Yoruba name, ‘Simi’, means. Dasall

    I do agree with you sister, marriage now seems to be a ‘let me sha get to have all the sex I want’ method. Of course, sex and marriage go hand and hand and I very much look forward to it but my existence is not about sex. Marriage is not for sex. I am glad you brought that point up!


    • Oh, so glad to have you with us, my Celebrity of the week! I did say that – it’s printed in black and white, and I love it! Thanks for explaining the meaning of your blogname and real name. DEEP!

      I’m glad to find agreement on this issue, and I love your final word, marriage is more than sex! A whole lot. If you want it, you’ve got to be ready for the whole package, and that’s what I’m showing my readers through my posts and stories… Marriage is indeed a special calling, and many who know nothing of it, sign up for it and get the shock of their lives! We can all be thankful GOD IS GRACIOUS!!!


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