Broken – Part Four (And Baby Makes Four)

With the dawning of the morning, came the realisation that I was pregnant.  I know.  Life’s a bitch, isn’t it?  And of course, we both knew that the baby wasn’t his, seeing as we hadn’t had sex in over four months!  What a way to complicate things.  And Ope wonders why I don’t believe in God?

I mean, if God really wanted to help me, to help us, why would He let me get pregnant for another man?  How is that going to help anything?  It’s not like we didn’t use protection.  I’ve been having sex for 20 years and I’ve never gotten pregnant, and then when I’m thinking about really working things out with my husband, gbam, I’m pregnant for another man.  If this is God being funny, I’m not laughing!

I should have known something was up though, because my boobs have been tender for some days now, but I just thought it was my period coming.  Then I woke up feeling nauseated.  Ope found me throwing up in the bathroom at 8am this morning.  At first he came to me to ask if I was okay…maybe I had eaten something bad yesterday…


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