An Emotional Affair

An Emotional Affair – Audio Series

In just FIVE days, I will be celebrating the first anniversary of my popular story series, An Emotional Affair, by publishing the Audio Version!!!  This is a fantastic resource for those who are not big on reading, but prefer to be read to.  You will have the pleasure of my reading to you 🙂  Ever wondered what my voice sounds like???  LOL!

This production didn’t come free or cheap, so I am only making the Audio Series available via my page on, with the hope that more of you will join me on that platform as Patrons.  All my patrons, whatever their level of contribution can listen to the audio version online.  Do visit my page at to listen to a free sample of the Audio Series, and to learn more about why I am on Patreon, and how you can support me there.

Thanks so much for visiting and supporting this initiative!  If the story was and is a blessing to you, please be kind to share with others too.



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  1. Just started reading this series yesterday I must say you are a great writer writing about things that women actually face in their marriages. Keep up the good work. Can wait to se how it is ends.

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