Broken – Part Nine (I Forgive You)

By the time I concluded my account, my mother was in tears, thinking of all I had suffered at the hands of Tony and Uncle Bill.  Kemi too was tearful.  Both were short of words.  My mother spoke first.

“I will never forgive myself.  SIX YEARS???  You mean, my own brother abused you in this house, under my nose for six years?  God have mercy!!!”

I didn’t know what to say to that.  I wanted to tell her to forgive herself, but it was a really big thing for a mother to miss!  Though I no longer blamed her for how my life turned out, because I also chose the path of promiscuity and I chose to push my husband away, I still think the lack of attention and affection I got from her and my father caused me to seek attention and love from strange men.

“What I can’t get over is this Tony guy!  What a monster!  I wonder how many guys like him are out there?  There is just too much injustice in this world!” Kemi lamented.

My mother sobbed loudly.  “You know…  There was a part of me that suspected something…


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