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The Spotlight: A Review Of “The Richer Woman” By Omilola Oshikoya

Hi Guys and Gals, welcome to another episode of The Spotlight.  I took a little break from this, to ease the pressure on myself..  I’m just taking it a day at a time, right now, as I am trying to get on top of all my work, so I can focus and do what I really want to do, which is continue my story series, A Small World.

Last month, I was invited by my good friend, Oyakhire Russel, to talk about my book, The Church Girl, on his TV show, The Heart Of The Matter.  It was such a wonderful blessing and encouragement to me.  It was while there that I met a woman, who I thought I knew already, but didn’t really know at all.  I had no idea what a star the woman who interviewed me is 🙂  You will get to know soon.

Omilola Oshikoya calls herself “Africa’s Premier Wealth Coach”, and is a woman on a journey to becoming “The Richer Woman”.  Her first book, “The Richer Woman”, is about this journey, and how she discovered her need to be this sort of woman, and not the kind she had dreamt of all her life to be – A Rich Woman.  When you read her profile and learn of her many accomplishments, you will wonder if she isn’t already “The Richer Woman”.  It’s quite an impressive resume, and she’s just getting started!

So, before our interview started, we got to talking, and she told me she had also written a book, which revealed secrets about her own life, concerning child abuse and infidelity in marriage.  From what she told me, I was sure that it would be a great read, and I told her that I would love to read it and review it on my blog.  After our interview, I didn’t forget my promise, and decided to get the ebook from Okadabooks.  At N3,500, it was not cheap, but then again, the message within is not cheap!  So, to my review…


“The Richer Woman” claims to be a self-help book, and that it is.  But it is more than that.  It is a woman’s own story about her life, her mistakes and her revelations on what it means to be “The Richer Woman”.  Omilola Oshikoya is a young wife, mother of three, entrepreneur, mentor to many young women and wealth coach to MDs of top banks and multinationals.

Omilola shares a story of how she was born in affluence, but suffered loss, after the death of her Grandfather, whose businesses followed suit.  From that experience, she determined to be a rich woman, and worked hard to be one.  Even to neglecting her family.  She tells of how she also fell into temptation, and almost destroyed her marriage with infidelity.  And she gives glory to God, through whom her deliverance and redemption came.

She believes that it was God who led her to eventually quit her job and career path, and follow Him, as Abraham did, to a place she knew not.  She spoke of “doing it afraid”, a catchphrase made popular by her “Do It Afraid” conferences.   And she taught intensively on what it means to be “The Richer Woman”, drawing on the account of ‘A Virtuous Woman’ in Proverbs 31.

It was an interesting, thought-provoking and inspirational book to read.  Though we teach on similar things, I found myself challenged by what she wrote, particularly when she wrote about women taking care of themselves.  You can tell that she is someone who truly lives by her mantra, because her presence is full of confidence and beauty.  I, on the other hand, have struggled to live by the ideals I profess.  Since reading her book, I have made more effort, having more confidence that it is possible to be “The Richer Woman”.

My critique would be that I found there to be too much repetition within the book.  I also thought she could have spent more time on her story, making stronger connections between events in her life.  For example, there was no clear connection between her experience of abuse as a child and her development/experience as a woman.  If she plans on doing another edition, then these issues could be improved on.  However, it was a good read and I learnt a lot.  The book was definitely well-researched.

I would recommend this book to all women, and especially married, working mothers, who feel overwhelmed with everything they have to do.  I would also recommend it to anyone seeking to acquire true wealth and live a life of purpose.  Omilola is evidence that with passion, determination and wisdom, we can “live the richer life” and do it all to the glory of God!  Thanks Omilola for this inspiration and timely encouragement!

“The Richer Woman” is available as a printed book at Amazon, Konga and on Omilola’s website, and as an ebook on and Kindle.

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