Christianity: Traditions And Sacraments

Last Sunday, I started what will be a series of posts on Christianity, as I was trying to better wrap my head around what makes Christianity what it is, and the confusion that keeps it from being effective in converting the world.  I decided to distinguish the religious truth from the cultural influences/practices in the Faith.  If you read the first post, and were observant, you would probably have noticed that I made no mention of Water Baptism in my summary of what Christianity is really about.  This post should shed more light on that.

In the history of Christianity, we can see that it arose from Judaism.  The Way, as it was called in its wake, was a movement among the Jews, about a King and Saviour of the World, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  Even still, it was not a Jewish movement, though it had Jewish origins.  The Founder and leaders of the Faith were all Jews, bred in the Law of Moses and the teaching of Hebrew Prophets.  But the goal of the movement was to reach the whole world, to bring them into the Fold of the Father, God, beginning with the Jews (Rom 1:16Acts 1:8)…


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