Confessions Of An Ex-'Jesus Christian'

Confessions of an ex-‘Jesus Christian’ (1)

I will be writing this series as a way of carrying out a final detox of my spirit from the influence of the Jesus Christians in my life.  This is not about exposing them, but about exposing a spirit that has been hindering my spiritual growth in Christ.  This spirit may not be limited to the Jesus Christians.  But I hope that as I confess it, I will be delivered of its power in my life.

  1. How can you worship God when you are judging others?

For the longest time, I have struggled with worship.  I really have.  Praise and worship was not the practice of the JCs.  They were not strong in prayer either.  Their praise was dead, and their songs were more songs of teaching or criticism of those in the Church and the ‘System’.  Their praise and worship was about obedience, and they were content for that to be limited to their lifestyle, and not an emotional relationship with God, which they likened to sensationalism or religiosity.  Rather, they were ‘spiritual’ (or ‘Christian, but not religious’, as they loved to say).

Since I subscribed to their beliefs, I had no choice but to accept their way as the way.  Because those who praised God with wild abandon were judged!  I was told that…


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