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My Top Five Book Reviews Of ‘The Church Girl’

So, it’s been six months since I published my book The Church Girl as an ebook…  And almost three months since my book came out in print in Nigeria!  It has been a HUGE learning experience for me, on what it means to publish and market a book.  It has been hard at times to see many expectations unmet, and to meet so many obstacles to publishing, printing and sales along the way.  But I believe I have grown and I am still growing from it all.

What has been consistent however, though lately, they have been coming in more, is the reviews I have been getting on this book.  They have been mostly excellent, praising the book and appreciating my efforts.  But least of all, they have been encouraging.  There’s only one friend of mine, who I really expected to love the book and help me hype it, who gave me a not so awesome review.  Yet, she said, “For a first, it’s very good”.  I’ll take that!

So, here are my top five reviews of The Church Girl!  They have all been published as comments on my promotional page –, so you can check to see if I made them up!  LOL!!!

The message is consistent – THIS NEEDS TO BE IN A MOVIE!!!  I am just praying and waiting on God to bring me His helpers to make this happen!  Every review is a step closer to this book reaching the world in a big way.  If you have read the book (not the series – that doesn’t count, since I added several chapters and edited profusely!!), kindly do me the honour of dropping your review too.  Thanks and God bless you!

NUMBER ONE – Moyomade Adesiyun

I am so late in reviewing this book!!! I don’t even know where to start from. Let me thank the Author @ufuomaee for gifting me book 1 and 2 of The Church girl which I won during a quiz. I was also privileged to be at the launch which was so awesome.

The Church girl is a must read for everyone. Some parts of this book brought tears to my eyes. The storyline is so real, emotional and relatable. I love the twist and suspense. I almost got an heart attack when I though Mary and Ifeanyi finally succumbed to fornication!!!! I jumped with joy when it turned out to be a dream. I wish I read this book some 7years ago!!! Thank you Ma for allowing God use you this way.

The church girl is a christian romance centred on Ifeanyi– A player and Mary-the church girl with a shady secret. They surprisingly fell in love. Their love was tested, passed through fire, temptation, backlash, but with God; they came out strong.

This book teaches salvation, patience, holiness, forgiveness, letting go of the past, trusting and waiting on God, faith, putting God first in all you do. It still beats my imagination how Mary was able to forgive her Pastor that sexually and emotionally abused her for years!!! I sincerely wish the Pastor did not die, he should have stayed alive to suffer for his evil deeds. truly ‘Most of our oppressors are cowards, they just take advantage of our innocence and fear’ How her faith remained strong even through all her trials and tribulations. So many people who find themselves in Mary’s situation would do everything possible to stay away from God and live a wayward life!!!!

#TheChurchGirl opened my eyes to the fact that God is needed and interested in ALL and EVERY of our affairs. Imagine Mary praying and asking God if she should attend a wedding!!!! Even Ifeanyi prays and asks God for direction. I learnt to depend solely on God, if I am close to him and faithful, he will speak to me when I need to hear him.

To conclude, I would say ‘Life is about falling; living is getting back up’. No matter what happens to you in life, no matter your bad past or how many times you fall, please pick yourself up, never live in guilt. God loves you and would forgive you if you repent. Stay focused, Do not rush love and surround yourself with good and positive people. Do not let loneliness, pleasure or pressure drive you to make wrong choices. God is your only lifeline, cling unto him. Love genuinely. Family is everything, stay close. Please forgive fast and impact lives positively.

My middle name is Mary and my prayer for myself is ‘Lord bring out the ‘Mary’ in me, let me depend on you solely, help me stay firm and fight temptations’

Ps: I have been telling everyone around me about this book. I can’t keep it to myself nor get it off my mind. My colleague who I gave the book even reviewed it before me!!! Am looking forward to having the softcopy. This book must be made into a movie!!!


Reading these books will definitely bless you but more importantly, the whole book will make you reevaluate your life, your being, your purpose and your value. Thinking about everything Mary went through and still her witness for God transformed a whole new person and literally everyone who came in contact with her. Sure we cannot all be Mary but this made me think about my inner ‘Mary’ and if i even let her out to play. The verses, the lessons, the words, the dialogue…..everything was so carefully thought out and flowed so beautifully that reading the book was such a joy….even for me and i have read the physical one twice, the ebook, the blog version, etc. – keep thinking I’m going to miss something and i would hate to….😃 @ufuomaee You did a great job on this and i know it’s His Spirit working in and through you….i wish i had all the means to get this in audio and film so we can reach a million more people than it already has, but just know you have my support forever….in kind and when i can…in cold hard currency as well. Can’t wait for all the other things you are birthing.🤗🤗🤗

NUMBER THREE – Princess Olufunmi

I won this free book from @ufuomaee ,it was an answer from God to my current situation. The characters in this Christian Romance depicts the theme of Strength, temptations, weakness,hurt,forgiveness submission, grace, salvation and learning to wait and from God for the next step even when u seem so sure but you have to follow God’s timing. The love Ifeanyi and Mary shared was tested through fire and water and they came out stronger.  I learnt that it takes more than love for a marriage to work,it takes determination to submit to God and make him the center of the marriage to make it work. The book opened my eyes to sexual abuse from places we never expected when Victims are vulnerable and are scared to speak due to fear and stigmatisation, the author through biblical principles and divine inspiration dealt with these issues and proffered ways to get help through her main characters. #ThechurchGirl is a must read for everyone to learn about choosing right, how to heal from hurt patience, forgiveness and salvation.When God gives us a word, he goes all out to fulfill it because His integrity is at stake, not even a dot of his promises would go unfulfilled -that’s if we let Him do it. God’s love for us is intentional and cannot be shaken because the price has been paid in full. Well done @ufuomaee and God bless you. I pray for as many souls in despair that they would be able to receive help in time of need and come in to the understanding and enjoy the intensity of God’s love . To my fellow singles in the house, hold on and hold out, trust and love God till love finds you. Shalom!

NUMBER FOUR – Isaac Yoma


Sis, permit me to start like this, I must let you know I am done reading book 1&2 of *#TheChurchGirl* is also important you know, that I found the story amazing, beautiful and challenging.

Seriously, from the choices of words used, down to figure of speech, especially the use of suspense and imagery was wonderful.

It is challenging because am convinced that, it’s not only a life story you put into books that looks like a fiction but I must say it’s very touching, and for a single guy like me, who is planning on the next level in life, I got alot to learn you know! and the book did justice to some matters troubling me.

The more better part of it, is that, it all points us to the cross of calvary that only Jesus can save.

It will be pertinent for you to know that I recommend you make sure it’s put into play like in a movie… So that it can reach out to more amorphous audience. I tell you many married and singles needs it.

Thanks for sharing this book with me, I will forever be grateful.

Your little boy, Isaac Yoma.

NUMBER FIVE – Bodam Taiwo

I started reading Book 1 and I literally could not put it down!!! The story was captivating!!! I laughed, cried, was sad, worried, full of hope and at the very end, had tears of joy running down my face… I finished it in a few hours and was hungry to begin Book 2!

I cannot put in words how I felt! I was sooooo blessed!!! When I finally finished reading book 2, I was just led to pray and I asked God to give me a word because the books really spoke to me and by the next morning, the LORD gave me a powerful word!!!

The books are amazing!!! I’m getting all my friends to read it – I really pray that as
Many that need to read this book are led to it in Jesus name.

God bless you Ufuoma – thank you for allowing yourself to be used by God. I bless God for this gift He gave you and I pray for
More anointing in your life in Jesus name, amen!

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  1. I read the The church Girl on your blog before the hard copy came out. Because i wanted all my friends to read it i had to buy a copy for keeps. The story is really captivating,filled with suspense.I thank God that Mary was not raped; the girl really suffered but i like her strong will power. So many girls would have given up under the same situation. I love her relationship/communion with God. I recommend this book for both married and unmarried.Thanks Ufuoma, you really did a nice job here and your technique is superb. Keep it up and may the LORD bless you with more wisdom.

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