Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: The Narcissist Who Loves Me

He resides in the Heavens,
His Throne stretches beyond the Universe…
The Earth is His footstool,
And Angels with power do His bidding.
But He who created the Worlds
Was not content with its glory…
In all the beauty and splendour,
There was none like Him that brought Him joy.

Upon the Earth, where His foot lay,
He breathed and spoke the words that began life…
In His image, He formed man and woman.
To them, He gave the gift of free will…
He bestowed on them a beautiful mind,
Unlike those of any being He had created.
He set them in a Garden and instructed them…
And He was pleased that their lives would bring Him glory.

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/the-narcissist-who-loves-me/


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