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The Spotlight: A Review Of “Once A Pawn At Night” By Ayopo Yobolus-Lawal

Hi Guys and Gals, welcome to another episode of The Spotlight.  The book reviews seem to be taking over this series.  It isn’t my plan, it’s just that my reading habits have changed and I am now reading more books.  And well, I only write about what’s in my heart and what I’m reading and learning.

Today, I’m reviewing another book…  But I didn’t read it.  I listened to it!  Yes, I’m getting into audiobooks too, many thanks to that have made this resource easily assessible here in Nigeria.  You should check them out!  I’ve also published Broken as an audiobook with them and it’s free 😁.

So, the book I am reviewing is called “Once A Pawn At Night” by Ayopo Yobolus-Lawal.  He is an author that is new to me.  This is actually his first book too.  I don’t know if he has others yet.  I actually sat next to him at an event held by Aimee’s Library last year.  He was among the celebrated authors, and I remember he did an impressive short story on the spot!

Once A Pawn At Night” is said to be: “A gripping story of a marriage so ideal and characters so real.  Muyiwa thought he had it all figured out: a growing career, a perfect wife and a window to conceive… Until one moment of indiscretion, lust perhaps or shadow from the past, finds him and ignites a trouble much dreaded.  A close call with death cascades revelations so inconceivable: Secrets, Reflections and Tragedy.  Is the survivor the Pawn or the King in this game?  Find out what role his beloved would play to execute this conspiracy?”

Well, that’s quite a sypnosis and I’m afraid I can’t do better to describe this book.  It was truly mind boggling, deep, dark and intriguing.  It was very entertaining and inspiring too.  It was a very unusual, unique story that makes me proud of the mind that conceived it.  It is a showcase of African talent, that we have such ideas and visions to share with the world. 

It wasn’t religious, though the characters were Believers.  The story speaks of betrayal, forgiveness and second chances.  Never keep secrets in your marriage is one of the lessons I derived from the book.  Deep and honest communication is so important.

The story leaves you with questions like, “did that just happen?”, “what just happened?” etc.  You will want to read or listen to it again to make sure you didn’t miss any detail to this intrinsicly woven story.  In fact, honestly, I would have loved to read the physical book or ebook, so I could have taken my time to imagine and think through what was going on.

Yobolus really did a great job on this story, and the narrator did a brilliant job voicing the story.  It was very enjoyable.  Well done to Mixsie Fun Books for this amazing production.  I’m eager for more.

Please don’t hesitate to get yours by visiting their site.

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