Introducing Ufuomaee’s Collections…

Hi guys!  Happy Easter to you all.  I hope you are basking in the grace and love of God!

Over the last week, I’ve been busy compiling my articles, poems and short stories into special collections that will bless and encourage you all in this walk of faith.  I made my first collection, The Wedding And Other Short Stories last year, and published nine more titles over the last nine days.  They are all available at Okadabooks.com, a platform that makes it easy for Nigerians to self-publish.  You can get my books whereever you are in the world!

Dear Atheist… is a free collection, and already has a 5 star rating.  The God Who Loves Me is my only collection of poems and it has also been highly rated.  I think you will be blessed to get them and my other collections which are all affordably priced from N250 to N500 each.

Here are the ten collections.  Click on the picture to go to their page to learn more or buy.  You can also access all of them via my Okadabooks Author page at www.okadabooks.com/user/ufuomaee.

























If you have been blessed by my writings on this blog, you will surely appreciate these collections!  I hope to also get these collections printed so that more people can have them to read and share the gospel message with others.  Thanks for the support.

Photo credit: http://www.unsplash.com, http://www.pixabay.com

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