The Church Girl – EV10 #OneChanceReplay


David woke up in a hot sweat, and sat up in bed, breathing heavily.  He had had the dream again, and this was to be the third time.  He was sure of the meaning, and he felt that this time, it was a warning not to let her pass him by again, but to let her know that she was meant for him.

In his dreams, there was a beautiful woman in a white dress who was walking towards him.  A veil covered her face, so he couldn’t see her well.  At the altar, when she met with him, he kissed her.  And in the next moment, they were rolling on the bed, making love.  Usually, he never saw her face, but he knew in his heart who it was.  Tonight, as he lifted the veil to kiss his bride, her face was clear.  It was Mary.  She was the one.

David laid back in bed, his heart beating fast.  She had to know how he felt about her.  He couldn’t go on living his fantasies in his head.  He had finally broken through to her, and they were now friends.  But that was a dangerous place to be…

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The Church Girl story series has now been converted to a book.  It is a lesson-packed story about a love that was destined, but tried in every way.  Mary and Ifeanyi must learn that in order to live, they must first die to self, as their love and faith is tested through many trials and temptations.  Follow this roller-coaster ride about a love that overcomes all, that will grow your faith, or lead you to the One who holds the keys of Life…  

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