Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: Stop Praying For Singles To Get Married!

Hi y’all!  The Spotlight is back with a difference!  I have really appreciated the break, and I needed it.  I could do with more rest, but sooner or later, I have to get back to what I love to do and trust God to bless my perseverance.  I really hope this series is encouraging to all my readers and friendly bloggers, and also inspiring too.

So, The Spotlight used to be its own blog at godinterest.org, but when I started having issues with the site again, I decided to make it a category on Grace and Truth, with a weekly series.  The original series showcased three related blog posts a week, but I want to take the pressure off.  Sometimes, it’s hard to find those winning three, and I really want my spotlight pieces to be awesome each time…so that people who get spotlighted really appreciate it 🙂

This week, I am spotlighting a blog by Simi.  Her blog is called Nuach!  I really don’t know why the name!  I hope she will stop by and explain why she chose that name.  She is a funny Nigerian blogger, and you can just tell she has her tongue perpetually in her cheek with the way she writes…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/the-spotlight-stop-praying-for-singles-to-get-married/

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