Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: Christians, Stop Telling Me God Is In Control!

Hi Y’all!  I took another breather from The Spotlight, while I wrote a new story series in February called A Small World.  As I was writing and posting everyday, I wasn’t really able to read much in preparation for the Spotlight series.  I’m, however, hoping that I can still keep this up, and I’ve decided on a new time for the series, being Saturdays at 3pm.

Alright, so today’s episode is a spotlight on Christianity and God, and who is really in control of what happens in our lives and our world.  There seems to be a general consensus among Christians that God is ultimately in control, while we must take responsibility for our own actions and inactions.  While it seems most people agree with this in theory, their practice mostly suggest that they think God holds all the cards…and when bad stuff happens, it is God’s will.

Our featured piece today is by a man called John Pavlovitz (I wonder where he is from?).  He blogs at http://www.johnpavlovitz.com, and his tagline is “Stuff That Needs To Be Said” (Cool tagline!).  I follow his posts under my special list, “Alternative Thought”, comprising of those who have different views from me…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/the-spotlight-christians-stop-telling-me-god-is-in-control

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