Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: Three Perspectives On Marriage

Hi Dear Readers,

I hope you enjoyed the three posts I shared with you last week!  If you missed them, you can click on the category The Spotlight, to read them all.

This week’s posts deal with the major topic that is marriage!  Today, I am sharing three unique perspectives on marriage that I read this week, even though one was written in 2015.  I stumbled on that one and had to read it, because the featured image is of my favourite girl, Mary (if you’ve been following THE CHURCH GIRL story series!).  I didn’t regret it one bit, and the others are just as amazing, even though they don’t have featured images!

Please read and be blessed, and be kind to share and drop a comment for the authours!

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/the-spotlight-three-perspectives-on-marriage

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