Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: On Rape, Enjoying Singleness and Emotional Eating

Hi Dear Readers,

I hope you enjoyed the three posts I shared with you last week!  If you missed them, you can click on the category The Spotlight, to read them all.

This week’s posts deal with the critical issue of rape, the emotional roller-coaster of singleness and the destructive habit of emotional eating.  They are quite diverse, but I learnt something from each of them, and I thought maybe you would get something from them too.  I particularly liked how the last two posts addressed how these issues relate to or affect our walk with God.  The lesson that God is enough came through loud and clear, and with the first post on rape, I took away the lesson of avoiding all appearances of evil, rather than seeing how close you can get to the line without crossing it.

Please read and be blessed, and be kind to share and drop a comment for the authours!

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/the-spotlight-on-rape-enjoying-singleness-and-emotional-eating

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