Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: A World Without God?

Let’s think about that for a minute.  Really, really think about it.  Can you imagine it?  The absence of the awareness of any divine Being?  Any sovereign Lord?  Any all encompassing Spirit?

So many people profess that they can.  And that they have.  And in fact, they live in such a world…  A world without God.  A world untouched by His influence and untainted by His existence.

In reality, they live in a world filled with people who constantly question the existence of such a Being.  Such questions always bring the possibility to the fore.  Such questions are as the fall of an elephant in the desert.  It throws the dust up again, and clouds their world for the moments they contemplate the possibility that there is a God!  In those moments, they are choked by the dust, until it settles…

But then, the question is thrown again, and another elephant falls and their world is disturbed.  Calamity strikes, and reason prevails.  Yet, the masses call upon God.  From a place they know not of, the call for help, for assurance, for serenity, goes out.  The call arises from within, before one has been able to conclude the question…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/a-world-without-god/

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