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Editor’s Pick: What If We Are Wrong About God?

Atheists pride themselves in admitting that they could be wrong…and they just need enough proof to be convinced.  However, is it really inconceivable for Christians to consider that we could be wrong about the existence of God?  And if we are wrong on that point, does that take away from the wisdom of the Cross, which is sacrificial love?  I think not.

If it could be proven that the Bible is entirely make belief, and there is no other evidence for the existence of God, apart from Jewish tradition, what difference would that make?  Would that change the wisdom that was revealed in the Bible?  Would evil and righteousness change in meaning and in practice?

People say that the wisdom in the Bible is not new.  That other philosophers say the same things that are attributed to Solomon or Jesus.  Jews even argue that Jesus didn’t say anything new, but just took credit for what God already said in the Old Testament, like His command to love our enemies.  Someone once pointed out that Hebrew Scriptures also say that we should be kind to our enemies.  Very well then.

So can Christianity become obsolete?  Redundant?  If not for the strong…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/what-if-we-are-wrong-about-god

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