Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: I Don’t Know

Christians are often regarded as “Know-It-All”s by the faithless, because of the confidence we place in the knowledge of God and all things spiritual.  Maybe it could also have something to do with how we seem to have an answer for everything…or how hard it is to get us to say “I don’t know”.  As people of Faith, “we know that we know” many things.  Faith used in this way is a type of knowledge…an assurance that it will be a happy ending after all, no matter what the journey throws at us.

Having faith really doesn’t mean that you know it all.  It simply means that, even the things you don’t know, you have confidence in the One who knows to make it known in time, or to grant you the information required for you to handle whatever’s coming.  Faith would actually not exist if you did know!  No one recalls their name by faith, except if they just arose from a coma.  As Christians are called to live by faith, not knowing is going to be our continuous experience.  No matter how much we come to know…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/i-dont-know/

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