The House Girl – Part Four

“Osinachi, what’s the matter with you?!”

“Donald, I did it for us!”

“NO!  No!  You did this for yourself!  How could you plan this without me?”

“It wasn’t like that, Baby…”

“Don’t!  Don’t Baby me…  I don’t even know who you are anymore.  God!  All these secrets and lies…!”

“Please, Donald…  Please!  I’m begging you.  Just give him a chance…”

“You talk as though I have a choice.  I can’t believe this…  I’m…  I need some fresh air!”


Moments later, Chinyere heard the front door slam shut and Madam breakdown in sobs.  Why did Madam do such a wicked thing?  Chinyere looked down at the baby in her arms, who she had been given responsibility to carry while his parents argued.  It was as if he too knew that he had caused a major problem in their home, as he would not be consoled.

After Donald left, Chinyere heard Madam return to her room, where she was to continue sobbing.  Baby still cried aloud, and she rose up to rock him and sing to him, but he cried all the more…


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