Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: Hearing From God

There are many Christians who are unable, or it might be better to say, have not yet been able, to exercise the gift of hearing from God.  There’s nothing particularly wrong with them, but what I reckon they have in common is that THEY DON’T BELIEVE that you can actually hear God speak to you, except you read something in the Bible and it sort of ‘jumps’ at you.  They are suspicious of people like me, who say that we ‘heard’ God or ‘God said’ or ‘the Spirit revealed to’ us one thing or the other.

I am sure many think we might just be pretending, or deluded or maybe just plain wrong…playing at a religion we do not understand.  Especially as there have been many pretenders, deluded folks and plain wrong, false teachers, who claimed to have heard God say so and so.  It is okay to doubt such people who make such proclamations (1 John 4:1), but it is highly unbiblical to doubt the gift!  And it would only be reasonable of us to question or doubt your claim to a relationship with God, if you doubt His ability to speak to you too…

For example, I doubt many people who speak in tongues…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/hearing-from-god/

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