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Editor’s Pick: Conversations With God

I started this write up thinking that prayer should be the easiest thing to do, but by the end of it, I decided that there is a need to have ‘Conversations With God Part II’!  It is not that prayer is complicated, but because it is about COMMUNICATION, it really isn’t as simple as all that.  There are many books about communication, many facets to communication, and many considerations for effective communication.  So, it makes sense that communication with God will also require some understanding.  There are different types of communication with God, and the primary one is personal prayer, which everyone desiring a gainful relationship with Him should do and develop.

Even though prayer is not all that simple, it isn’t so complex either.  It is right that we ask how to pray.  The disciples also asked Jesus, and He didn’t mock or chastise them (Luke 11:1).  They’d seen so many different people from different religions pray to God in so many different ways, and the whole thing just seemed confusing to them.  It can be the same for us.  I think that for most people, prayer is like a towering mountain that they don’t know how to climb…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/conversations-with-god/

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