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Editor’s Pick: Conversations With God – Part 2

The leading came again to continue the series on Conversations With God.  This writing deals with the things that hinder our prayer time with the Father.  I’ve identified five key obstacles, but there could be more.  They are: Time; Insincerity; PrideDoctrine and Language.  I will address each one by one, with strategies to overcome them too.


Time is the most common complaint Christians give for not having a better prayer life.  Time is the only constant in life and the one thing that we cannot control, yet we have not learnt to adapt to it and use it for our purpose.  Like everything in the world, time is a resource that God has given to us to use with wisdom.  The wise are never frustrated with time, rather they maximise the time.

If you think about it, we have plenty of time for the things we like to do like watch TV, hang out with friends, do some shopping etc.  Time is like money in that we manage what we have, and if you are constantly running short of money before the month is out, it is likely that you are also always running short of time…

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