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Wow! This review of The Church Girl is super-awesome. All of you saying you’re too busy to read it, take some inspiration from this lady.

God bless you for spreading the news and blessing!

Life is the greatest journey you'll ever be on

I got this book from a good friend about two months ago. I remember waking up that morning to her message: I’m sending two books to you Franny. You need to read them. Obviously the text had been sent with the intention of getting me pumped and ready to dive into the books once they arrived, but I felt nothing. I planned on reading them, I just didn’t feel an immediate urge to especially since I had a pile of books I was still reading at the time.

To my surprise, I received the books less than 48 hours after I received the text, still I didn’t see the need to tap into my friend’s “bizarre” excitement. I admired the book cover, skimmed through the information provided at the back about the author and book and returned both back into the envelope they had come in. I’d read…

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