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Editor’s Pick: Liberal Christians

Liberal Christians are professing believers who have or desire more affiliation with the world than they do with Christ.  They are easily and often offended by the acts of other professing Christians, who they like to point out to the world as unloving and judgmental, unlike them.

Liberal Christians don’t want to rock the boat.  They believe everyone can get along and they need not sacrifice their status nor comfort to further the gospel.  They, unwittingly, act like agents of the world to restrict the growth of the gospel, as they resist other Christians from defending the Faith they claim to share.

They are the ones for whom the cares of the world have choked their witness for God and made them fruitless. They still retain the claim to Christianity, long after they have dropped the Faith, because it is part of their identity and they often still benefit from affiliation to Christian establishments.

However, they are dangerous enemies of the Faith, being traitors, but pretending to represent believers. They water down the teachings of Christ, so as to make it attractive to their worldly associates, who then infiltrate the Faith, and change its identity and dependence on Christ and His teachings…

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  1. Lets see now: am I wrong in thinking the born again televangelists like Jimmy Swaggart were not liberal.
    Donald Trump who boasts of never forgiving is definitely not liberal. George W Bush who invaded Iraq claimed God spoke to him, Dick Cheney who liked water boarding was anything but liberal, most of the Tea party are conservative Christians and are not exactly into giving up personal comforts.

    Since much of Trump’s following came from evangelicals, presumably evangelicals share his values? Where does lowering taxes for the wealthy fit into the gospel. Where does building up treasures on Earth (ie looking to God to reward his followers with wealth) fit Jesus’ actual command “Don’t build up treasures on Earth” Where does not welcoming the stranger in our midst eg refugees fit with the sermon on the mount.

    Jesus wanted his followers to put kindness ahead of dogma – surely that made him a liberal. Unlike the above theology in your article the apparently liberal Jesus even found good in the good Samaritan (who was a heretic) . Conservatives demonize liberals, those who follow different religions, and in general are those who support the arms industry. They certainly come across as opposing gun control despite the enormous murder rate. Why not look at the relative crime rates in the red and blue states since by in large the red states are more conservative. Then if you are right the statistics will support your assertions.


    • Jesus was neither liberal nor conservative. He was and is AUTHENTIC! He is the Truth, the Way and the Life, and in as much as we imitate Him in EVERYTHING, not simply what suits us, we will be AUTHENTIC. There is no Christian mould other than Christ. I really don’t care about any one else’s example, who you suppose to be Christian or who proclaim that they are. Christ has given us the only true standard, and calls us to follow Him without compromise. So you do that. Never mind what others are doing…


  2. I was talking the other day with a friend of mine – the question was how far should a believer go: should they strive to match Jesus’ examples exactly as if the Bible was an anchor for how far they could go and no further or should they continue on down the road that Jesus pointed them to going beyond where the pages of the Bible stop? If the former was so, then we would never have challenged the Biblical institution of slavery as a moral evil. If the latter is so, then there’s nothing wrong with taking a liberal understanding of scripture so long as it fulfills the spirit of the text. Not all liberal Christians are counterfeit believers; a great many are true believers who question the status quo; like Martin Luther King, Jr. taught, they’re not content with being the Good Samaritan who picks up people who have been beaten up and robbed and tending to them, they’re the ones patrolling Jericho Road, making it safe by fighting the robbers and making the road straight and level for smooth sailing and trying to prevent robbers from attacking people in the first place. Liberal Christians simply have a different understanding as to how to interpret and apply scriptures, it doesn’t make them false believers, counterfeits, or traitors.

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    • Hi Jamie,

      I get the feeling you and some other people may be applying the political or denominational term to my post. It is not political or denominational in any way. I am not referring to a movement by Liberal Christians. I appreciate that there are many Christians who might consider themselves Liberal Christians, but who do not fit into the attributes I’ve shared in my post.

      My post is about the pretenders or backsliden who compromise the gospel and attack fellow believers for walking in the light and teaching others to do so. I don’t suppose that you think people who do such things are authentic believers???

      I couldn’t find a better word to describe them than liberal. It isn’t a political or religious statement against Liberal Christians, but an exposition of behavioural traits observed in a number of professing believers, who actually act like enemies of the faith.

      And yes, I do believe Jesus showed us the WAY and He is also the COMPLETE WAY, not simply the doorway or the beginning. The Spirit He gives us will enable us to do more than He could do while with us, but we will never surpass Him in righteousness nor wisdom, because He is both the Righteousness of God and the Wisdom of God. Following His Spirit will lead us into ALL TRUTH, into Him, never beyond.

      Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂


  3. I think it all comes down to how one acts on what he or she believes – Westboro, for instance, believed that God was punishing our nation for it’s acceptance of homosexuality by killing off our soldiers in war which they would preach as gospel from the funerals of those soldiers; in lieu of battle, they were known to frequent other tragedies, such as the fire that took the lives of three young children and also picketed their funeral with the same message, holding up signs that used derogatory words and yelling about God’s hatred for sinners. Was their belief liberal? No, it was safe and sound in the not-liberal side of Christian beliefs, but they acted upon them in a most obnoxious manner, instead of “morning with those who mourn” they used the opportunity to stir up controversy and attention by being argumentative and divisive. Every single regular Christian I know would always denounce them and their antics – nobody ever sided with them. You can call them a lot of things, but whatever they are, they are Christians; as are those who denounced them. Who then, compromised the gospel? The Westboro crowd who failed to show mercy, compassion, and forgiveness or those who denounced them by failing to speak judgement and condemnation against sinners?


    • I would have to disagree with your statement that “You can call them a lot of things, but whatever they are, they are Christians; as are those who denounced them. Who then, compromised the gospel?”

      No, nobody is Christian just because they say so! That is a fallacy! Jesus actually said: unless you forsake all, you CANNOT be my disciple (Luke 14:33), amongst other conditional statements! The Bible tells us that God knows those who are His, and that anyone who names the name of Jesus must depart from iniquity (2 Tim 2:19). Now, you can say it is not my place to judge, and I would agree with you there. While I will not judge or condemn anyone, because God alone knows who is His and who is a fake, I will discern…as the Bible also teaches us to test the spirits (1 John 4:1), and Jesus says that we can tell those who are His by their fruit (Matt 7:16)!

      I appreciate that you may think that I am on the conservative side of Christianity, because of this post, but the only side I wish to be on is with Jesus, and that is walking the narrow line where Grace and Truth meet! I sometimes miss the mark, but I always strive for it.

      You are actually doing what I have observed is characteristic of these ‘liberal Christians’ as I chose to call them. Consider this paragraph: “When a topical issue arises, and Christians need a voice, they are among the first to shout out their views. They publicly attack other professing believers who defend the Truth, and align them with others who do not submit to the gospel or share the Lord’s humility. Using the latter as examples, they seek to shame believers into silence and conformity.”

      By bringing up people like Westboro Baptists, who do not share the Lord’s humility, it seems you are trying to silence me from upholding a standard among Christians. It is not right to use such errant people to suppose that we cannot follow Christ without compromising on His teachings! If you read truth, accept it. If you hear truth, accept it. No matter WHO speaks it. I believe I have spoken the truth about these pretenders in our midst, and again, I won’t call you one. But we must all strive to ensure that we stand firmly with Christ, and not with the world (2 Cor 13:5).

      Sincerely, Ufuoma.


      • I’m not suggesting an honor/shame dynamic, just a gaping chasm between what is taught and how it is acted upon, how we teach knowledge of Jesus, but not always suggest people follow His example – after all, He was God and we’re not, so of course he’d be all perfect. What makes one standard of being knowledgeable about the interpretation of the Bible better than the standard of applying Jesus’ teachings? What we need is happy medium where the two become one.

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      • The difference is the Holy Spirit. Whether we seek to imitate Jesus, or we simply wish to obey His teachings, without His Spirit, we will not achieve any good for His Kingdom. We will still be self-righteous. It is only by His Spirit that we can be righteous, and when we are, we will literally follow Him…teachings and all. His teachings will make sense as we imitate Him, and they will not be Law and commandments, but our Life.


  4. ‘Agents of the world.’ Nice.

    A far cry different than the genuine article. ‘The ‘why can’t we all just get along’ cry, is the voice of a harp without strings. It is bad music so to speak. It is antagonistic to the gospel.

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