Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: Thou Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks

Football is the world’s biggest sport. The fans are in the billions and they are fanatical. I don’t get it.

Aside the fact that I don’t get what the whole hoopla is about, I also think it is a huge commercial scam and a waste of money. But this post is not about footballers nor their fans. I’m sorry to use you as an example, but you’re the best.

Despite my disdain with the whole football mania, and the fact that I think far too many people are wasting their time, money and tears over a simple sport… I have never gate crashed a sports game to shout “Boooo!!!” I have never been to a Football forum to try to talk sense into these “less enlightened” suckers for a game. I’ve never been part of a rally to challenge the rights of football fans to convene at bars on Sundays!

I mean, why would I??? It really is not that big a deal that people are so passionate for a game. I can see that it unites families and friends, communities and countries too. Though I don’t think footballers deserve to earn millions (let alone billions) of dollars a year…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/thou-doth-protest-too-much-methinks/

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