The Church Girl – EV25 #OneChanceReplay


Mary knocked on Kelechi’s door, and waited for her to say “Come in”, before she opened it to enter.  Kelechi was engrossed in something on her desk, but smiled radiantly at Mary when she saw her.

“Excuse me, Ma,” Mary began, nervously.  “I noticed the bonus you gave me for this year…  It’s a lot, Ma.  I was wondering if it was a mistake.”

Kelechi’s smile widened.  Trust Mary to ask.  She shook her head.  “No.  I think you earned it.”

Mary breathed out a sigh of relief.  She smiled.  “Thank you.  I’m so grateful.”

“No problem at all.  By the way, what are you doing this weekend?” Kelechi asked.

Mary thought for a moment.  They had drama rehearsals for the Christmas play.  “I have rehearsals at Church.  Why?”

“I wanted to invite you to my brother’s engagement party.  Wouldn’t you like to come?”

“You mean Chuka is getting married?” Mary asked excitedly.  That means Ifeanyi will be there.  “I don’t think I can make it, but I’m happy for him.”

“Are you worried about seeing Ifeanyi again?” Kelechi asked.

Mary looked down, nervously and nodded.  “Besides, I don’t have anything to wear…”

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The Church Girl story series has now been converted to a book.  It is a lesson-packed story about a love that was destined, but tried in every way.  Mary and Ifeanyi must learn that in order to live, they must first die to self, as their love and faith is tested through many trials and temptations.  Follow this roller-coaster ride about a love that overcomes all, that will grow your faith, or lead you to the One who holds the keys of Life…  

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