He Cheated! – Part Two #OneChanceReplay


Over the next few days, I noticed a change in Ifeanyi.  He seemed to be bothered by something, a little anxious.  We hadn’t made love since I returned.  I thought maybe he was giving me space to recover, but it’d been more than six weeks since I delivered, and I wanted to be intimate with him again.

One day, I came up behind him for a cuddle while he was dressing and he jumped, as though I had startled him.

“Hey, darling…  Is everything okay?” I asked.

“Fine, fine,” he gave a small strained smile.  “I just have a lot on my mind, that’s all.  How are you?”

Before I could answer him, a call came through on his phone, and he quickly answered it.  He said he had to rush, and might be back late.  That morning, he didn’t take his breakfast, as he hurried to leave home for the office.

In the afternoon, I decided to surprise him with a visit at work.  I prepared a dish of fried rice, dodo and chicken, and packed some for his lunch.  It was not something I did often, but I just felt a certain urge to visit and encourage him…

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