Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: You don’t love Me? Your Funeral!

Carrying on from yesterday’s musings on unconditional love, I got a few opinions from other believers. One was very interesting. He also believes that God’s love is unconditional, but that the benefits of the love are received on conditions…sort of like a man who loves a woman and wants to propose. If she doesn’t love him back, she won’t get the ring, the wedding, the house and his devotion, even if he might still love her deeply!

That got me thinking! It’s quite a good analogy, except that it doesn’t explain hell – the punishment for not loving God back! If the man’s response to his beloved after her rejection of his love is to kill her or to sabotage her life in any way, can he really claim to have ever loved her? Doesn’t that make him sort of a psycho, so that she was right to reject him in the first place???

In trying to understand God’s unconditional love, I’ve tended to think that hell is a consequence, and God is merely warning us from falling into that pit…  But someone laid the pit there.  Jesus also talks of casting the disobedient into outer darkness…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/you-dont-love-me-your-funeral/

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