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Editor’s Pick: A Thin Line Between Charity And Vanity

It is a popular and true saying that “you cannot give what you do not have”.  This has led many people to seek first to acquire, so that they will be best placed to give…if they feel so inclined.  The temptation though is to believe that there is a point of having ‘enough’ when you can now begin to give and not lack, and to keep acquiring, and not sharing, until you have reached that deceptively unattainable target called ‘enough’.  This commonly held attitude and approach can be regarded as ‘vanity’, because while it promises so much potential, the person planning to give is usually filled with empty intent, with no real propensity to give.

There is the opposite faith view that “givers never lack”, which is a view I and many believers hold by faith, in God’s goodness and provision for those who decide to do good, even when they do not appear to have the means.  This is a view that leads one to practice ‘charity’, even though they may be in need themselves, because they trust that God would provide all their needs.  There are many testimonies of those who have lived this way and experienced the supernatural provision of God…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/a-thin-line-between-charity-and-vanity/

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