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Editor’s Pick: Who’s Stopping You From Dancing?

Ever been at a party, and your favourite song comes on…and your instinct is to groove. Your foot is tapping the floor, your body is starting to sway, your heart is filling with joy… But then you look at your cool friend, who has a scowl on their face. You’re not being cool! Cool people know better than to dance at parties! So you cool it, and try not to dance.

It can even happen at Church. The choir is singing a song that touches your spirit. You want to scream for joy! You want to shout a mighty amen! You want to break free from your seat and dance! But then your neighbour gives you this look. It is not respectable. That’s not the way they worship here. So you behave, and fall in line…and resist the Spirit.

It happened to David too (2 Sam 6:16-22)! He wanted to dance, and his wife was disapproving. That wasn’t a way for a King to behave. What would people think? But David knew better than to listen to her! He danced anyway, letting it all out and reveling in his freedom to worship God as he was led by the Spirit…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/whos-stopping-you-from-dancing

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