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Editor’s Pick: “It’s Ministry! It’s Ministry!” Said The Hypocrite

Some of you who follow my blog know by now how I struggle with juggling too many things.  I struggle with time, and allocating appropriate amounts of time to the things I value and have responsibility over.  One of those things is parenting.

It may be surprising or alarming, but I don’t consider myself a good parent.  I wrote in my post I DON’T WANT EVERYTHING how I don’t want my career to compete with my mothering.  Well, there’s been another competitor, and that’s been my ‘ministry’ through blogging.  The message I’ve been passing to my child through the use of my time is that I DON’T WANT YOU, because he gets the least of my attention.

Since I decided to have a stay-over nanny in January, I’ve pretty much given in to my tendency to work all day, right up to his bed-time.  I let my nanny clock out from 8pm, so I can get him ready for bed and tuck him in, but that doesn’t leave much time for playing with him before he sleeps.  He often comes to me to drag me from my laptop or phone to play with him or to carry him, and usually…

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